Twi-hards: What does Twilight mean to you ? What lessons have you learned from the Saga ?

What does Twilight mean to us ? what happened during last five years since the first Twilight book was published. What lessons should we have  learned from the Saga ? What has the Saga done for us personally? Has there ever been an experience through the story?? What the saga did for women (and even some men) of all ages With Twilight coming to a close end, why not tell the world what Twilight means to us, the fans? Instead of having people critize the books, the fans, the movies.. lets show everyone Twilight isn't just a "stupid unrealistic book" and show the otherwise.

check out wht @JoiPrincess2010 said about it , she is also giving an idea for a Twilight based site ..Really interesting 

Over the last five years since the first Twilight book was published, there have been praise and criticism for the series as a whole such as the representation of the characters, the story and its impact on pop culture. More often than not, the Saga as a whole has been misunderstood by many and have often put down those who favor and love the series such as being immature, inexperienced teenagers, tweens or housewives who don’t know no better than to obsess over fictional characters and a unrealistic, and overdramatic storyline. Most professional reviews often disfavor Twilight because it’s nothing more than “hot guys with no shirts” or a “damsel in distress obsessed over a vampire” and that the heroine, Bella is “weak or too dependent” on her boyfriend, later husband, Edward.

However, to those who’ve read the book in depth will say differently. For example, fans of the series would argue that the Saga is:

1. A story of a ordinary young woman in an extraordinary circumstance
2. A love story between two people who, by nature, shouldn’t be together but defy odds and overcome obstacles to make a relationship work.
3. A telling of growing up and making decisions for yourself.
The list could go on and on about the themes written through the series and shown through the films. So here is my proposal.

Since there is a site called the Twilight Saga Time Capsule that captures moments within the timeline of the Twilight Saga, whether at premieres, meet and greets, or something as a Twi-hard’s bedroom shrine dedicated to the series, a site should be dedicated to fans to discuss and speak about what EXACTLY Twilight means to us. Twilight isn’t just a love story but instead had a huge impact on women (and even some men) of all ages. For example, there would be a few questions where fans could write chapters (much like Stephanie Meyer because Twilight is a chapter in our lives), to discuss what the Saga means to them

1. What themes or lessons have you learned from the Saga as a whole? It could even be broken down to each book. Ex: Twilight: the learning of trust, to take risks, to open up to individuals, to discover what love is. New Moon: the possibility of losing love, progression through loss, sacrifice, confidence. With each discussion, fans could use specific examples to prove their meaning.
2. Has there ever been an experience through the story that you have seen yourself in? For example: being in love, deciding who “you should be” and “who you are”? becoming a parent. For me, the vampires could kill humans by nature but decide to go against their nature and not kill humans, therefore, obtaining some humanity. As many times as I have been stereotyped to be or act a certain way, I choose not to and be myself. I could relate to being like the Cullens.
3. What has the Saga done for you personally? For me, it’s given me opportunities to meet friends worldwide, to read more, to discover what I want out of a relationship, being comfortable in my own skin.
Fans can choose between uploading videos or write out “chapters” to make their case. This site will act as platform for fans to declare their love and understanding of the series in a way others cannot.  The bigger the input, the more people will see this isn’t just some “forbidden romance.” While we won’t put down or compare other franchises as the media will do, we can show why fans EXACTLY love Twilight. Instead of saying “just because”, we can give actually reasons and have a platform for others to read and agree and therefore, keep the spirit of the franchise going despite the theatrical run coming to an end in November.  

 thnx to@JoiPrincess2010 /  

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Comment by cornelia marie hale on March 22, 2012 at 12:55pm

i learned alot of things from the saga :)

Comment by Kristen Kimber Colichia on March 22, 2012 at 1:45pm

I learned a bunch of things from the twilight saga I am really grateful that the saga came into my life and I am really sad That it's coming to an end :'( ... the next time I will watch it will be on my Dvd. Player next year on march 16, 2013

Comment by Stini on March 22, 2012 at 2:05pm

i like to read book more

Comment by Ana Cullen <3 on March 22, 2012 at 2:14pm

it taught tht i shoudnt give up on something i hve because you never know when its gnna leave yur side. enjoy life but enjoy it with th people in it and dnt give up in love :x . it always made me read and write more . Thanks Twilight and Mrs.Meyer because you really changed my life(:

Comment by StephyLuvsB&E on March 22, 2012 at 6:31pm

After reading all of the books and watching all of the films, I have learned there is someone out there that you are truly meant to be with and worth fighting for!

In addition, love is a powerful feeling and the way it changes someone is like no other.

I read and watched through Bella's perspective how she fought to be with Edward, the love of her life. How they overcame so many obstacles to be with each other for all eternity and with that, came a beautiful daughter, and now they have become a loving family.

I am forever grateful that Stephenie Meyer wrote a phenomenal series!! I'll never stop reading and watching all of the "Twilight" books and movies!!!! Twifan for life!!!!!!!

Comment by BB Cullen on March 22, 2012 at 10:27pm
This sounds like an Awesome idea!! Twilight has defiently changed my life and made it better!!
Comment by kristenlovesrob on March 29, 2012 at 3:29am

I think that the saga has many positive, strong messages that are often misunderstood and interpreted in the wrong way, however Twilight has taught me many things and I am truly grateful that it came into my life. I am so sad the series is coming to an end, it will always have a place in my heart and I will forever miss it. Thankyou Stephenie Meyer for creating this incredible series you have changed my life.


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