According to Malicious Mandy's site (which usually has viable twilight info), an Argentinean fan believed connected to the infamous Breaking Dawn leaked images/video is to be prosecuted by Summit Ent. After just having a super fun time at San Diego Comic Con this year where Summit provided fun goodies and surprises for their fans, I find it difficult to believe that they would turn their backs on one. 


In my opinion, like it or not all twilight fans make Summit money. period. Was it wrong to obtain these images illegally? Sure. But is making an example out of one fan going to help or hurt Summit's cause? I vote for the latter. It was the passionate dedicated fans that brought in your box office numbers in 2008 that promoted your fledgling studio into phenomenal success. If not for Twilight, Summit would be in the position they are in making movie after movie from the recent Source Code to the upcoming 50/50 and Three Musketeers.


Should there be some consequences? If so, how severe? What's your opinion?


Bottom Line, it was wrong and should not have happend. Will it cost Summit, no. It would most likely generate more interest in the upcoming movie and make them more money in the end. That is if they don't squander the resulting profits of the leak by legal action against a fan. 


My advice to Summit would be to choose your next moves carefully. You do NOT want to piss off your fans, especially not TwiFans ;)

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Comment by Celeste on August 3, 2011 at 10:28pm

They still stole someone else's property and distributed it. She knew what she was getting into. Doesn't matter if she's a fan or not. She should be charged. She might be hardcore, but it doesn't excuse her stupidity... that's just my opinion. i'm not here to argue with anyone else so don't freak out on me. 

Comment by erin vega on August 3, 2011 at 10:39pm

Sorry to say they did break the law. and in a way ruined the movie for half of us twilight fans. So they did the crime i think they should do the tme

Comment by Jamie Giffin on August 4, 2011 at 5:36am
Charge her to the fullest. This is Summits wedding as much as it is ours, Stephanie, Bellas ect. She attempted to ruin the wedding. Her behavior is reckless and could lead to further problems in her future if she doesn't start to think more from this point. That being said I felt high as the clouds with what I peeked at from her crime, but am nervous that it will take away on theREAL 1st time I watch Breaking Dawn.
Comment by Laylah Cullen on August 4, 2011 at 6:09am
I don't think it ruined the movie. I agree with Mandy that anyone that did not want to look didn't. Others that wanted to see everything sought it out.

This is just the same as fan's taping some of the exclusive footage at comic con, yet no one seems to want them prosecuted. Just sayin.
Comment by Glo on August 4, 2011 at 9:14am

Fan or no fan..hacking in general is illegal.If caught you should be prosecuted. Yes she is a fan and yes we all like to look at images but she got into someones(private) laptop and knows how to do this or knows other people that can do this..she stole pictures and videos etc..what if she stole bank account details or hacked into emails and stole personal items, etc.

IMO leaking the pics & videos is not really the issue here. Most movies at times suffer various leaks but i think it was the manner in how the leaks came about. It wasn't a Summit employee leaking pics, or gave it to his buddie who then leaked the pics & videos, or some actor leaving their script in a hotel room or papz getting an exclusive pic of the wedding dress by scaling a building, peeping into the window.... she or her friends HACKED into a laptop and stole the information. What else did they see while they were in this particular laptop?

Comment by Sol Figue on August 4, 2011 at 12:24pm
im going to say, if she hacked and got leak photos, where are they?!?! i rly wish i could see them :D
Comment by Laylah Cullen on August 4, 2011 at 2:43pm

I don't know how the images/video were obtained or the specifics of the case. And I do not want to make any insinuations as to what resulted in the leaks. That is for the investigation. My point is simply what will happen to this person? Is it too severe? I'm not arguing that taking things that do not belong to you is wrong. That's obvious. The punishment should fit the crime not be cruel and unusual. 


Celeste - I did not know I had to preface my blog by stating "don't freak out on me" but now I know. lol. 

Again Mandy said it best on her site:

"If you break the law, you get punished, that much I can agree, but I also think you have to look at the crime and ensure the punishment fits... who was hurt here? Who should suffer the consequences? What would the consquences be otherwise?

I am not a fan of bully studios! Not saying that the hacker should get off free but I will interested to see how thia law suit plays out."



Comment by MaliciousMandy on August 4, 2011 at 6:32pm
Breaking the law deserves a punishment, absolutely! But as I wrote originally I think a million dollar studio vs a fan who. Made a mistake is an unfair fight... We'll see... Apparently there was a Press Release today!? Haven't watched yet but would be interesting to hear BOTH sides, not just the studio that can afford the media coverage and announcements!
Comment by Marie-Cullen-PR on August 4, 2011 at 7:02pm
It was NOT ok, period. Even Rob said it wasn'k ok what hapened. She should be prosecuted and punished accordingly. In my opinion the fact that she did that shows that she's not a true fan, 'cause  i think a true fan wouldn't do something like that to begin with. And is not about what Summit or whoever win or loose out of this situation, is simply about respect.


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