Hello I am Twilegs! I am the person who created the jeans that David Slade took a picture of, and yes those are my legs. The jeans have a funny story behind them and I would love to share it with the Twilight community. I am a big fan of Twilight. I had heard that there was a convention happening in Anaheim. I really wanted to go, but was low on funds. I decided to go but only for a few hours. A night or two before I was going with my boyfriend I wanted to choose an outfit. I chose a Team Edward shirt with a Team Edward jacket along with prop jewelery from the movies. I even had black converse shoes. Like the ones that Bella wears in New Moon. Staring at my outfit, I realized I had no pants that were Twilight themed. I have always loved decorating shirts. I had my whole softball team in high school sign my senior day shirt. I took a similar concept. I chose a pair of jeans that I loved but they had a huge rip in one of the knees from wearing it so much. I took them out of the closet and hunted down some colorful sharpies. I decided to use fan sites and my books to hunt down my favorite quotes. I found several quotes from Edward, Bella, and Jacob. i made sure I had at least one quote from each Cullen, Charlie, and Renee. I have a few from different Wolfpack members. They are only quotes from the books, not the movies. I also made sure each book was represented. I only have the four original books. When I made the jeans, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner had not been released. I wrote all over my jeans in various fonts and various colors. It was fun and they came out kind of cool. I wore the to the Anaheim Convention, but no one noticed. I was a little deterred because there were not very many people and I worked on the jeans for hours and hours. I wanted just one Twilight fan to say something. I wanted to feel included in the Twihard community. Almost a year later I found out that David Slade was doing a Twilight Eclipse DVD signing. I decided to go and decided to wear my jeans. After driving out to Burbank, buying a DVD to ensure my place in line, which was pretty close to last, and floundering around for Twilight Eclipse posters and special poster signing pens, I eagerly waited to meet the brilliant David Slade. I was talking to a couple fans there, no one noticed my jeans. But the Twilight Moms in front of me promised to take my picture with David Slade, me and my boyfriend. David Slade was there with a man that many have referred to as Gandolf, He had long white hair with a matching long white beard. He noticed my jeans. He asked, "Who made those jeans?". i replied, "I did. I took all my favorite quotes from the series." David Slade started staring at my jeans. I was so proud! I showed him a quote from the Tent scene in Eclipse. He was so impressed that he asked to take my picture. I said of course. He took several minutes and I tried lifting my belt to decrease wrinkles in order to read the quotes. It was all very funny. I spun around for him to show how I designed the jeans all the way around. A woman that was there also took picture of the back and front. I gave my name to David Slade for the picture. He wrote down his website and told me to find his picture there. The whole night made me so happy!  A week or so later i saw the picture. It was gorgeous!! He put it in black and white, and I loved everything about it. i even loved the title. "Twilegs in Burbank". It was hilarious. I took the title to heart. A few weeks later I found myself in a long post office line. I wanted to bookmark the website on my iphone. I couldn't remember the name of the website, but I did remember the title. I typed in Twilegs into google. A fan site popped up first. It said "David Slade tweets pic of Twilight Fan's legs". I was in shock! I started to read the comments. People were writing "It never amazes me how creative Twilight Fans are", "These are beautiful! I want one", "Whoever made these are bad ass", "I could read these all day". There were 18 comments. I went back to google and found another fan site. I went on to Twitter and saw David Slade's tweet. I didn't have a twitter account at the time. I could not believe it! My jeans were tweeted by a celebrity!! I had to keep from screaming in the post office. I texted all my friends, called my family, and did a status update on Facebook. I was shrieking at my boyfriend about what I had just discovered. I went from feeling disappointed to ecstatic!! I was on Twilight Fan Sites!! I felt like a mini celebrity. I decided later to open up a twitter account. I knew immediately what I wanted my username to be. So I became Twilegs!! My pic is the pic David Slade took. I Favorited the tweet, and bookmarked all the websites on my phone and computer. I could never have imagined my love for Twilight would have resulted in little old me turning me into a new alter ego, Twilegs. I still have the jeans. I wear it to conventions, and have made a few more. I have tried to sell a children's size on ebay but no one bought them. I try every once in a while to sell them, but it isn't serious. I plan on wearing them to a future convention in November. I love them and feel like an official member of the Twihard community!




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Comment by Bella Black+LHJake on June 14, 2011 at 1:58pm
They ARE amazing jeans, and you should feel proud. Wonderful story and wonderful end result: your new alter ego! I would love to find out how I can get a pair! :)
Comment by Sabrina Aurora Jones on June 14, 2011 at 2:19pm
Well I was considering doing a small business where people can send me their jeans and i will design them any way they want. If you would like that I can do that for you. I was thinking you could pay for the shipping to send them and $30 for the design.
Comment by Bella Black+LHJake on June 14, 2011 at 3:02pm
Plz check yr 'Friend Request' for a msg from me with my email address so we can talk biz! :)
Comment by Carlisles Sarah Ann-Marie Cullen on June 15, 2011 at 4:41am
Hey I love this post! :D Those jeans looks AWESOME! Love it. :) I really want those for myself too! :D If I ever see those on Ebay I would buy it for sure! :D
Comment by FuzzyWolfLuvJBJ on June 15, 2011 at 2:20pm
I love them! Why didnt i think of that? I am so doing that to my jeans!!!!!


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