all: *climb out of the limo surrounded by flashing camera lights*

Kristen: *whispers* Rob...

Rob: *inconspicuously walks over to Kris*

Kristen: quick, lets get inside, and hide from the stupid paparazzi

Rob: *grabs her hand and runs with her into the hotel*

Lady: Can I help you two into a room?

Kristen: No, no *shakes head, and pulls her hand out of Rob's* but please not too far from each other. Preferably.

Lady: Of course, my dear. *types something into the computer* You will be in rooms 536 and 537.

Kris & Rob: Thanks. *turns and walks into an empty elevator*

Rob: Kristen, what's wrong?

Kristen: *sighs, and then rests her head on his shoulder* nothing.

*door opens, and some old guy joins them. As soon as Kristen sees him, she leans away from Rob, right away. Rob tries not to smile. They reach their floor and walk off to their rooms*

Rob: Im coming in your room tonight. I'll dress low and hide myself, obviously. Okay?

Kristen: *smirks* 'kay. See ya in a bit.

*both walk into their rooms and unpack. Someone knocks on Kristen's door.*

Kristen: Rob?

Nikki: *laughs* No, its Nikki.

Kristen: *sighs* Oh, okay. Come in.

Nikki: *walks in* you spending the night with Rob. *waits a second* AGAIN?

Kristen: *blushes* Yeah.

Nikki: *nods, not really surprised* When's he coming over?

Kristen: *shruggs* I dont know, like maybe five minutes.

Nikki: *stares at Kristen, speculatively* Kristen, what the hell's wrong with you?

Kristen: *sighs* Rob asked me that, too.

Nikki: Are you going to answer me?

Kristen: Yeah, yeah. Sorry, okay. I really, like, looooove Rob.

Nikki: We already knew that though *laughs* but no, whats the problem with that?

Kristen: Well I mean, like, I know he loves me back a lot.... *runs hands through her hair and shakes head* I dont know what I would do, or how I would handle, if he moved on.... *trails off, choked up*

Nikki: *hugs kristen* Oh, darling! You and I both know he'll never move on. He loves you waaay too much.

*knock on the door*

Kristen: *smiles wide* Come in!

Nikki: *laughs*

Rob: *runs over to kristen and hugs her tightly. Nikki looks away. Rob steps way* Hey Nikki.

Nikki: hey Rob.

Kristen: *gives her a look*

Nikki: Umm, I'll see you guys later. Text me if ya need me. 'Kay? 'Kay. Bye, *walks out and shuts the door behind her*

Rob: hey sweetheart. *leans in slowly toward Kristen and wraps arms around her*

Kristen: *leans in closer, and faster. She kisses Robert verrrry passionately. Leaving no space in between her and Rob. Then steps back and smiles.* Hey.

Rob: Wow. I'm impressed. You seem very vulnerable and desperate tonight. *laughs and takes off his jacket and sighs* Kristen, I want to be able to sit next to you during the interviews and all that s***. Tell me why I cant, please. I know we need to keep it a secret, but is it really thaaat bad that I cant sit next to you? *touches her face with his fingertips*

Kristen: *kind of dazed* You know w-why we have to. I want a part of my life private. *sighs* I miss sitting next to you too.

Rob: and you think I dont? Kris, I love you. I know that its none of their business, but I want people to know about us. I want people to realize that we are not available, for anyone else. Those screaming, crazy, obsessed fangirls, need to learn to move on.

Kristen: Dont forget about the guys, honey. Never forget about the guys *in hysterics*

Rob: how could i forget about them? But Kristen, seriously, I mean think about it. If it werent for them, we'd never have met each other.

Kristen: true *smiles* I guess they really do some great things, dont they? *walks closer to Rob and places her hands on his waist.

Rob: *smiles and puts one hand on the small of her back and the other on the back of her neck* Yes, yes they do.

Kristen: *leans up to kiss him, for an indefinite period of time*

*knock on the door... both of them pull away, alarmed.*

Kristen: Rob, quick, hide in the bathroom *whisper*

Rob: *runs into the bathroom*

Kristen: *opens the door and sighs in relief.* Oh, Ash, its you. Rob you can come out, now.

Ash: *eyes widen* rob's here... hes spending the night? *laughs* guess i should've known. Anyway, Kris, I was just wanting to tell you that you dropped your cell phone by the front desk. Theyre guarding it with their lives. Like no joke, the fans are going like crazy.

Kristen: *rolls eyes* as if they werent crazy enough already. Thanks, though Ashley.

Ash: No problem *hugs Kristen*

Rob: *walks next to Kris* hey.

Ash: hey Rob

Kristen: Bye Ashley, love ya.

Ash: Love ya too. Bye guys.

Rob & Kris: Bye.

Ash: *leaves*

Kristen: you know we'll never have any REAL alone time, right?

Rob: I know. I just wish we can have a normal relationship. I dont understand the fans and why their so obsessed with 'us'.

Kristen: 'Robsten' *laughs* I think thats like the most ridiculously stupid celebrity couple name Ive ever heard. I expected more from this many crazy, obsessed fangirls. *shakes head and laughs, jokingly* I've never been so dissapointed.

Rob: I agree *laughs*. I dont understand why people, just like care. anyone ever tell them to mind their own business?

Kristen: *laughs* No probably not. But its cuz were portraying the characters of Edward & Bella they wanna see if love can exist like them. At least, thats what like everyone is saying.

Rob: Yeah, that sounds about right.

Kristen: *kisses him softly and bites her lip* Rob, Im really tired. Can we just go to bed?

Rob: Of course.

*both of them climb in bed*

Kristen: 'Nigh Rob *wraps arms around him*

Rob: Goodnight, sweetheart *wraps arms around her and kisses her forehead*

*shortly after that, they both fall asleep*

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Bella Goldbach: Yeah, its not my best... i think the sequel is better, i just wanted to start something new, as well.


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