Ok. It's actually the first time I am writing an article about something. And I think I'm going crazy, cause I am writing about strangers. Cause seriously, all the Twilight cast are strangers to us, even if we are so obsessed with them. But I don't know why, Twilight captured my attention.

I started with the books. I still remember. I had this crazy-twilight-addicted friend who was like "Newps, you have to read those books. You are going to love them". I have to say, I was still in the Harry Potter mood. I didn't even wanted to change books. For me it was all about Harry, Harry and Harry. Then Christmas came and my friend (which I thank so much) bough me Twilight and New Moon. He knew that I wouldn't buy it myself so he did it. And I was mad at him (can you imagine?). I was like "I'm not interesting in vampires stories. They freak me out!". And the worst part was that, he didn't want to tell me the story. So after reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I had no other choice. I started Twilight. I finished the book after two days. Sometimes I wasn't able to sleep because I had Edward and Bella in my mind. I was always thinking about their story. I have to admit. The story as itself is not original. But there is something, something about those characters ... it's magical. So, that was it. I started New Moon, I cried like a baby when Edward left her. And in tree days I finished it too. By then, I was addicted. It was back in 2006. Eclipse wasn't out yet. So I read it again and again. I've read Twilight 10 times. I've never done that before and New Moon 8 times. And every night for about a month I was dreamed about Edward and Bella. Yes, I was living their lives.

If I remember correct, cause I'm living in Greece, my sister bought me Eclipse in July 2007. (I think, I really can't remember). The moment was so emotional that I accidently drooped the book in my Cheerios. My sister gave it to me in the morning while I was eating. But I didn't care. (btw I bought another one of course!). I read the book in about 3 days too. And I have to say, that in this book, I fell in love with Jacob. Not because he's kinder or whatever you people think. but because for me Jacob was like my best friend (the one who bought me the books). So from that moment I started searching on the internet. But nothing was on yet. Yes, the Twilight Saga was a "phenomenal" but nowhere beside US. In Europe none knew them. (my friend lives in US). And everytime I was talking with friends and trying to convict them to read the books, they were like "what the hell is that?". I was so addicted, so I made something crazy. I commanded 20 copies of each one from amazon and asked my teacher if I could put them in our school library. He said yes. By then, Twilight was in my school and every teenager was reading it. I was so proud you can't even imagine. But the problem was that the copies were in english. And rare were the kids reading in english in a French school. So, I started searching for Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse in french in amazon. I found the Twilight and New Moon but Eclipse wasn't translated yet. Anyway, I took 10 copies in french. 5 for Twilight and 5 for New Moon. (yes, it was expensive thank god I was baby sitting every Saturday!!) . And in 2008 they announced that there going to be a movie.

Anger. That was my first thought. Because I've seen what movies done to books. Harry Potter is the example. All the Harry Potter movies sucked so badly except the 2th and the 4th. So yes, I was mad. But at the same year, Breaking Dawn was out! I had finished school and still I was this Fanpire. A 18 years old fanpire ... uh. Anyway.

So the movie came out. I have to say, that addicted as I was, I knew every detail. I knew the actors, the director everything. And I don't know why, I was so glad that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were the "ones". Cause ok, Robert is HOT and Kristen is NORMAL. They were exactly like I imagined them. So I watched the movie. That was it. My addiction past all the levels. Of course, the movie was not as good as the books, BUT it was perfect. For the first time, I liked both of them. Book/Movie. I started to be addicted with Robert Pattinson. (still am). I've been follow him everywhere (internet of course). I started for the first time, to "like" a celebrity even if I didn't knew him. He dragged my attention.

Why am i saying all those things? Duh, I don't know...

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Comment by Charlotte Pattinson on June 15, 2009 at 9:18am
i am/was like that, apart from i only found the books out in august last year. but ive still read all the books, and i am very very very obsessed!
Comment by Twilighter76 on June 15, 2009 at 11:26am
WE all have the same obsession. I feel the same way ! I am a big Potter fan and honestly it takes me alot to read a book and the Potter ones were the only ones I could read at the time but I was never this obsessed. I thought this obsession would go away after the books and the first movie BUT NOPE STILL GOING STRONG AND I LOVE IT ! And these are my favorite book series by far and I've read quite a few books lately.
Comment by STUPID LAMB :) ! on June 15, 2009 at 11:27am
last year (yes i still remember theday i saw the movie trailer it was september 21th) I was going to see igor and that's when i saw the trailer and i was immedatly hooked i told all three of my friends sitting next to me that i vow to read the books i had seen the books the summer before but i got scared because they were so huge but after seeing the trailer i had to read them when i got home this was a sunday mind you i told my mom you have to but twilight so i can read it so on monday she bought the books and i read twilight in four days mind you i had to go to school so i could only really read in study hall which i had to do my homework first though but i was hooked immediatly i couldent stop then i read new moon in another four days and so on with eclipse and for breaking dawn i read it in five days and now im a obsessed with the books,the movie, and the actors i go on this website almost everyday just so i can get my fix of twilight stuff :) im twisessed !
Comment by Jessica Ziesmer on June 15, 2009 at 1:04pm
Diddo!!! I'm getting annoyed with my obession and I've been trying to do something about it for the last 3 months, nothing is working.

I suppose writing about your obession help, who knows....
Comment by Serena on June 15, 2009 at 1:45pm
yeah totally true Jessica, my hubby ofen tells me "get a life" becoz he's fed up about my Twilight mania.
But it has improved, i still need a small daily dose like news/photos on the web or surfing for 1/2 hour on the forum or reading anything about the saga...but it is less than it used to be.


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