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Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight Saga, nor any of its characters. I am writing this fan fic purely out of love, and am making no profit from this. Twilight’s character’s all belong to Stephenie Meyer. I do however own my original characters, and they may not be used or abused without my written permission.

A/N2: This chapter is kind of short, but it was originally part of a 40+ page chapter. I thought it was a bit long, so I chopped it up and made three out of one.


Chains of Love

Chapter 2: Hiding Out

(Nessie’s POV)

The next few days passed in a blur of happiness and activity. I spent the daylight hours in the main house with my vampire family – mostly at the mercy of my aunts, and my evenings with my parents at the cottage.

Jacob was here every day, but he went home to his father’s as soon as I started to get sleepy.

The other Quileute werewolves were in and out of the main house as well. Only Sam’s pack still seemed apprehensive at times. I asked Jacob about this, and he said that it was still a little strange for them to casually be around people they once considered their enemies. So other then the occasional flinch, everyone was pretty happy here.

There was a bit of talk about the new scent – I assume they filled everyone in because Uncle Jasper and Emmett were throwing theories around, but it never became more than idle speculation.

To tell the truth, I had more important things to worry about right now then some weird scent. Number one being that when you’re the only person in the house whose heart flutters like a humming bird’s wings, it is next to impossible to hide.

Right now I was hiding from another one of my overly-excited Aunt’s fashion shows. Thank goodness she can’t see me or I never would have gotten this far. I love my Aunt Alice, but a person can only change clothes so many times in one day.

So instead of acting as her 3-D Barbie, I found myself – once again, perusing the thousands of titles my family kept up in the third floor library along with their printing and scanning equipment.

All around the edge of this giant room were ceiling-high bookcases, interspersed with tall curtained windows. The solid glass wall that made up the first two floors did not extend up to the library – sunlight fades books. The rest of the room h

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