Twilight Fangirl TwiloveSue Tells us All About Chatting with Robert Pattinson at Comic-Con 2012

Let’s just pretend that he’s looking at me in this picture-TwiloveSue


TwiloveSue from the blogging site TwiBite got a one in we-don't-know-how many people chance to get autographs from the Twilight stars at Comic-Con and we thought her experience was too hilarious not to share with all our members:


We were taken into the room in groups of eight and given a poster to have autographed. Rob and Kristen sat at the first table and Taylor and Mackenzie shared the second table. I was able to stand and watch (ie: stare and drool at Rob) while they talked to the first four people.

When it was my turn, Rob looked over to me, smiled, and said hi while I walked over. Let me just say, he looked absolutely incredible and I swear I would run away and follow him around forever if he only gave me the slightest bit of encouragement.

Me: (world's biggest smile) Hi! I'm Sue and.... (BLANK!!)

Rob: Hello! (and just kept smiling and staring straight into my eyes)

Me: (embarrassed laughing) Sorry, I… um… blanked there for a second... it's just so cool to talk to you and I'm so sleep deprived from camping outside the convention center the past few days.

Then he laughed and asked me about camping out and I can't remember what I said, but apparently it made sense. He took the poster from me to sign and even personalized it!!

Me: (trying to think of something… anything… interesting to say) I've enjoyed all of your movies and just want to wish you all the best as you go through the next phase of your career. I read Cosmopolis and I know you are going to be so incredible in that role.

Rob: Thank you! You read Cosmopolis?! What did you think?

Me: It was.... interesting.

Rob: (laughs) That's certainly true.

(I now must confess to you, my understanding friends, that I looked Robert Pattinson straight in the eye and flat out lied. I never read Cosmopolis. I tried. Really, I tried, but I just couldn’t get past the first chapter… I promise to make this up to him by watching the movie 17,000 times)


Me: And my daughter made me promise to ask if you like Dr. Who because she thinks all British people are required to watch it.


Rob: (looked at my Dr. Who shirt and smiled) I grew up watching Dr. Who and I love it! Everybody loves it.


Then Kristen was finished with the person in front of her and joined in the conversation.

Kristen: (in a British accent) I watched Dr. Who when I was in London. Great show!
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Comment by sarah cullen on July 30, 2012 at 1:27pm

Lucky Girl :D 

Comment by BB Cullen on July 30, 2012 at 5:33pm
Yes lucky lucky girl!! :D
Comment by Nene Pattinson on July 31, 2012 at 12:01am

I'm so jealous!  You got to see The Pretty in person!!!


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