Twilight in Forks (fan special edition inclusive in NM DVD) - it's good!

Twilight = Forks. Fact is thousands of tourists flock to Forks town because they simply love Twilight, they love the book and they want to experience being in Forks.

For those who live afar (raising hand) and may have the remotest possibility and opportunity of being able to go to Forks, Washington, this feature film is for us.

York Baur (a native of the Pacific Northwest, and spent a good portion of his childhood at the family cabin in Forks) and Jason Brown (a three-time Emmy-winning director of various documentaries, indie films and music projects) decided to make 'Twilight In Forks: The Saga of the Real Town', a documentary which brings the town of Forks, Washington, into light -- from its history and culture, to its somewhat bewildered but enthusiastic locals, to the thousands of Twifans who visit from across the globe.

View trailer here.

Baur and Brown are definitely happy with their film, but what is more evident when they speak about this experience is their genuine desire to help the town by showing fans of the saga that this is a real place, with real people. Twifans will enjoy it because it gives a new level of depth to the fantastical world created by Ms. Meyer -- you can't walk down Diagon Alley or through Hobbiton, but you can certainly visit Forks.

It's good news that Summit Entertainment recognized the initiative and effort of the two. In an interview with Moviefone:

How did Summit get involved in this project?
We had a connection to one of their executives, and we were in L.A. talking to Larry Carroll from MTV. We had a meeting, and by the following week we were back showing them footage. Within two weeks we
had a deal. They are absolutely the un-studio; they are doing things other studios cannot conceive of, they're amazing. What sets them apart is from top to bottom, they think out of the box. They're not afraid to take a risk and try something and learn from it.

They timed your DVD release very well!
Yeah, they, in fact, packaged it with the 'New Moon' DVD exclusively at Walmart, so there's a fan special edition that includes both. [The DVDs will be released Sat., March 20.]

More from the interview:

Did you have a plan on how to film this?

Brown: We kind of said, "Let's bring a camera out and see what's happening." Our approach came out from a trip out to Forks, and having seen the town, you couldn't not be aware that 'Twilight' had an association with Forks. We packed our cameras and went out, and decided to let the story tell itself.

Was there a difference between how the younger residents reacted, versus the older ones?

For the most part, they're all aware of it; many of them have read the books and seen the movie. When you put yourself in the shoes of a high school kid, they're a little confused by it: "I grew up here, I don't get what's the big deal?" But nobody was dismissive or angry, or thought it was weird. Everybody in Forks, regardless of their age, can see there's a huge benefit, to the spirit of the town, the vivaciousness of what's going on there. Regardless of how they feel about the story, it's had an impact on their life which is positive; for that reason, they are excited by it.


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