Well, I have lots of blogs but this is the first one i have in English, so I hope I can do a good job.

Everyone already knows that today is the day, finally today at midnight the Twilight DVD will be released in US. And I suppose that almost everyone knows the different versions that will be released there. That's why I will talk about the version that we will have here in Spain.

The first difference is that all our version will be sold in the same stores, instead of each store having their own version with different here is the wholesaler who decides the versions. Now I'm going to talk directly about the versions.

1- Rental version -> This version will be able on April 8th. The Mayor differences between this version and the ones for sale are two: the cover, lightly different from the official poster, and the special extra «Edward al piano», Edward at the piano, the special improvisation that Robert Pattison had to do for the movie before the original Lullaby was composed by Carter Burwell.

2- 1disk version -> It will cost 17,95 € and this version has no extras except for the special cover. The front cover is just the typical one, the original poster. But if you turn it you will find ¡One of the main characters! I know, it's not too much, but you have to remember that this is the simplest version. By now you can get Edward, Bella, Jacob or James, but Aurum has anounced that they will release more different covers in the future,as the whole Cullen family or Victoria and Laurent.

3- 2disk version -> Here you have the same extras than the rest of the countries. It will cost 24,95€ and although the DVD's will have the same that the rest of the world it has an exclusive extra, only for Spain. It will be a dvd-book. This means that, apart from the two DVD it will come with an exclusive book, writing in Spain by Aurum and people from Crepusculo-es.com by the movie making off. It will be a 40 pages, full color book called «Creando el sueño», Creating the dream. NOTICE: It's not the movie book!! We also have that and its not the same, and have nothing in common with the director's notebook either.

4- 3disk version -> Also known as the jewel box. It will cost 64,95€ and the American will think that that's the same jewel box that Borders is offering...BUT NO!! Its another exclusive version for Spain, only based in the Border's one. The only stuff these two versions share are the box and the reading marker, the rest is completely different. Starting with the movie itself, its a 3disk DVD instead Blue Ray, the 2 disk from the extended version and a third one with more extras and a digital copy of the movie. Also the dvd box is a metalic box with the Cullen's crest, another exlusive feature for Spain. But that's not the only stuff that comes with the movie, apart from the jewel box and the reading marker I mentioned before it comes with a exclusive poster of the movie, I dont know the size but i hope it will be big, 6 postcard with movie stills, the authentecity certificate and...ALICE'S NECKLACE AND THE LION LAM KEYCHAIN!!! Since we don't have any Hot Topic here we only can obtain Twilight Merchandaising by internet, with the high shipping cost, so it's a big notice that the will give that with the jewel box, instead of the watch Border gives. By the way, this is a very exclusive version with only 7000 units so it's highly recommended to preorder it now. And in addition if you preorder it on Fnac they'll send and exlusive twilight mouse pad!!! (how many times have i say exclusive in this post?? LMAO)

And for the Bluray version they havent said anything yet so we will have to wait!! We will have to wait till April 22nd to have our version in our homes but the wait is worthwhile!!!

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Comment by Princess Alie~♥~ on March 20, 2009 at 1:06pm
Oh goody! my motif to learn Spanish comes in the form of Twilight!
Comment by Alison Genet on March 21, 2009 at 2:53am
love the version with the book. I haven't seen anything like that in the US yet


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