For a competition on I designed a postcard about Twilight and what it means to me and the fandom. I won the competition and my postcard was handed out to fans in TentCity in LA. Now that the premiere is over and Breaking Dawn Part 2 has hit the theaters around the world, I want to share this text with you, in honor of The Twilight Saga and everyone in this fandom. Love, Totally_Dazzled.


Twilight is a word, that made sentences become chapters which turned into books. Twilight is the very first time you read it. Holding your breath while getting pulled in. Getting lost and never wanting to find your way back. When you dont remember when it became a part of your life. Twilight is not your thing And before you know it its everything. Twilight is the dream that started it all. Twilight is epic. Lifechanging. Twilight is the time to make mistakes. Changing your mind. Then changing it again, because nothing is permanent. Twilight is love. Unconditionally & irrevocably. Love that takes your breath away. Love that holds you like gravity holds you to the earth. Love that makes your heart grow to twice its size. Twilight is color. Red, white and black. Golden eyes. Yellow sportscar. Purple and blue flowers. Russet fur. Bronze ringlets. Twilight is rain and the cold and a thunderstorm. Twilight is sparkling like diamonds in the sun and the first snow of the winter sticking to the ground. Twilight is a special diet. A personal brand of heroin. Twilight is the stupid lamb and the sick, masochistic lion. Twilight is a heartbeat. fluttering, pounding, racing, failing, stopping. Twilight is life and death and birth. Twilight is music. Clair de Lune by Debussy. A last dance at prom. The soft melody of a lullaby filling the room with its notes. Twilight is family. A doctor, a cop and the youngest major in Texas. The erratic mother and the sister with the spiky hair. Twilight is accepting who you are and what you want. Choosing love over love. Choosing to fight for the ones you love. Twilight is strength. Strong enough to resist the song of her blood. Twilight is change. From girl to woman to vampire. From boy to wolf. From man to father. Twilight is pain. Burning and bewildering, coursing through your veins. Having nightmares that make you scream. Twilight is loss. Turning empty pages and watching the months go by. Twilight is the walk down the aisle under a waterfall of white blossoms. One step closer to where I belong, as long as we both shall live. Twilight is Isle Esme. Where summer and winter become one. Twilight is feathers. Cascades of white drifting down, clinging to her skin. Twilight is fire and ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire. Twilight is an apple, a tulip, a ribbon and two chesspieces. Twilight is fandom. One that crosses all borders and timezones. A fandom that makes Twitter explode and Tumblr crash. A family of a million hearts. Twilight is friendship with those who know what you know and feel what you feel. Twilight is spoilers, trailers, previews, teasers and leaks. Buying every magazine. Devouring every interview. Twilight is a red carpet in Cannes, camping in LA and wristbands in New York. Twilight is waiting for the first HQ pictures. Twilight is fanfiction. Readers turn into writers and writers read even more. Where Tattward meets Domward and Geekward. Twilight is passion. Dedication. Twilight is tears in your eyes and a smile on your lips. Twilight is the kindom where nobody dies. Twilight is a thousand years. Twilight is only the beginning. Twilight is forever.

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