"Twilight is about having a boyfriend, Harry Potter is an epic fight between good and evil and the true meaning of love. Deal with it." Blah, Blah, Blah

"This is an incredibly naive thing to say. The only people that say this are people who haven’t read the book, are Harry Potter fanatics or simply…people who hate Twilight. If you read the book, and I mean actually READ it, not just skim over the words or just watch the movie, then you will understand that it is about more than just ’having a boyfriend’. The reason why Twilight is so popular, especially amongst young girls and women, is because it is something we can all relate to. Bella starts off as a young, naive, awkward, and I’ll admit…whiny teenager. And I know for certain, that I can relate to being that girl. Hell, I still am that girl. But if you HAVE read the book, you will know that she does a lot of growing up by the end of the series.

Well, since people are so smart, I’m assuming they have actually read the books? I guess you must know that much more happens other than Bella getting a boyfriend but you must be too afraid to admit it or something. It is also about making decisions (which we ALL have to do in our lives), figuring out what’s important in our lives (family, friends etc.) and the difference between right and wrong. But you know what? I admire Bella. I know almost everyone hates her, and that’s fine, to each their own. But I admire her because even though she can be a martyr at the best of times, she recognises when she has hurt someone, when she has chosen the wrong choice and she does try to make it right.

Harry Potter fans just have their prejudices because they think Twilight is taking over and becoming more popular. I know that HP fans hate Twifans because ‘supposedly’ we all claim that it’s the best thing ever written. Well, I can honestly admit that it is NOT the best thing written, by a long shot. I think I speak for most Twifans when I say that anyone who does say that are naive and must not have read much in their time. However, HP fans, many of you have way too many preconceived notions of us Twifans. We do not all think like that, I PROMISE you. But just because a book isn’t the best piece of writing ever, does not mean it isn’t good and does not mean that it cannot be someones favourite book or book series. I’d bet that if you surveyed several people, most of them would say that they don’t believe their favourite book is the best, they just connect with it more than any other book, which in my case, is true. I wish people would stop all this competition. They are two COMPLETELY different stories and they are both great in their own ways. You cannot compare them at all. They are both amazing stories. Now HP fans, you might not understand why many people connect with Twilight and that’s ok, just as long as you respect it. This applies to Twifans as well.

Oh and one last thing, I’m sure you’ve already figured out that I’m a Twifan, so I just have to add this: I do NOT hate Harry Potter. In fact, I quite enjoy it. I can’t wait to go see Deathly Hallows: part 1!"

This was just something I replied to on tumblr. I was furious. I know there is much more to the story than what I wrote, but I was SEETHING at the time, so nothing would come to mind. But I think I got the basis of it down, I hope?

Anyways, I just felt like sharing this.

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Comment by kady_cullen on November 20, 2010 at 7:06am
some HP really do need to grow up. maybe it has something to do with HP movies not doing a good job ever since the twilight franchise came on.
Comment by Melissa Connelly on November 20, 2010 at 11:40am
^I'd like to say that Harry Potter has done really well even after Twilight. The movie before this new one, Half Blood Prince, was the second highest grossing movie of the franchise. So, yeah...
Seriously. I'm getting sick and tired of some Potter people hating on Twilight and vice-versa. Do people just not realize that we are each fandoms, both equal? One is newer, one is older. Twilight is my fandom now and for many years to come (this is my fourth year on Twilight, holla!), but I also have loved Harry Potter since I was a kid. Most of these arguments are unoriginal crap and it makes everyone angry. I would think that after all these years of fandom, both Twilight and Potter people could grasp that fandom isn't just about the books, but the community and the charity. Building walls won't help with all the humanitarian deals both Twilight and Harry Potter are involved in. We shall be allies someday.
And most of us Twi-hards were huge Potter junkies before we discovered Twilight. Harry Potter built the foundation for our fandom.
Oh, and everyone should stop comparing Twilight to Potter, Potter to Twilight. The only thing that is the same is the Fantasy element and the bit of romance. Twilight is YA, Potter is middle grade.

"I'm just a huge Sirius Black fan." -Stephenie Meyer


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