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(The good parts of Twilight + New Moon) x 2.28 = Eclipse

Of the bloodthirsty flicks, which one got your blood all sparkly and hot? Almost 70 percent of voters said that Eclipse was their favorite Twilight Saga movie. Only 7 percent chose New Moon, and about 23 percent opted for the original, ground-breaking (sure, why not?) Twilight. Obviously, we agree with the majoritythe third movie is by far the best and most well-rounded one in the franchise so far and New Moon was the worst.

So then what about Breaking Dawn? Will it be like the Gone with the Wind of vampire movies? Guess we'll have to check in with all you mini Roger Eberts next year.

Blonde K.Stew > Brunette K.Stew > No K.Stew

When Kristen Stewart debuted her new hair color, we weren't sure how the legions of fans would react to the striking change. Nevertheless you voted your support for K-babe...almost 8,000 of you, to be sure. And 21 percent of you said you were sick of hearing about Twilight, thoughso the presence of the independent party was most certainly felt this time around.

Still, the love for K.Stew's locks won out. Granted, we could have asked you if you dig Kris with a shaved head and rainbow scalp tattoos, and the results probably would have been the same, but we're glad we didn't.

Anna Kendrick ÷ Dakota Fanning x 82 years of Oscars = Kristen Stewart

Yet another poll with a Kristen-friendly outcome! After Anna Kendrick told us that Dakota Fanning was next in line for an Oscar nom, we asked you if you thought any other Twilight starobviously, Rob and Kristen, duhwould grab the gold. Some 40 percent of you thought that Kristen's risky roles and heavy dramatics would pay off for an Oscar, with Dakota Fanning next at 28 percent and Rob Pattinson's hair winning the award at 17 percent.

Sorry to say that Anna was the lowest, even though the hot-as-hell babe has come the closest. Well, as long as Kristen smiles during her acceptance speech, we're happy to jump on the Stewart ship!


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