Twilight More then Just Bloodsucking Vampires♥

i think that twilight shares many good messages and here are some that I wanted to point out, I could be wrong but anyway....

they are both willing to lay down their lives for each other. When Bella goes to Italy to stop Edward(there is more to why that was dangerous read the book). When Bella is being hurt by James.

1.Bella befriends Edward and the rest of his vampire family

Yes in the book they are vampires the ones they call outcasts the one people think are weird and you should stay away from. How about today, there are those who feel the need to shun people and call them weird but then there are those who break the so called norm rule and befriend someone like that.

2 Portrays Bella as a normal girl. Edward feels different

How many people in real life feel like Bella just a normal girl that has nothing special about her? Then comes along someone who sees the special qualities and they support us and tell us. This is what Edward did for Bella, she was more then ordinary to him. She went against all odds to befriend him and fall in love with. She risked her own life on the basis of her feelings that he was a good guy. She shows that we are all special and amazing no matter how "normal or ordinary" we think we are we can do amazing things!

3. The love between Bella and Edward

People think is lame sappy crap that is unrealistic that girls should not give into! Well I think you are wrong because their is real love out there the kind that Edward and Bella share together. What is so unrealistic about two people who love each other for who they are no matter their faults? Edward may be a vampire but it shows the battle any human faces. Example to sleep with Bella or not, but he would rather wait till marriage. Which shows that it is okay to wait till you are married. It shows the protectiveness to keep each other safe. They are both kind and loving towards each other. Real love doesn't hurt all the time and it dose not make you cry, real love graps you by the hand and stays their for better and for worse. It rises above all odds and it is ready for when the fire comes.

4. Heaven and Hell Battle

Edward does not believe their is a spot in heaven for him because he is bad and has done wrong things. There is symbolism there how many of us feel short of Gods glory and feel we are not worthy to go to heaven? Well there you go!!! Heaven is for anyone you just have to give God your life and he will make the final choice not us... and that is amazing because is mery is so far beyond our comprehension.

there is way more to the twilight saga I mean there are four books.
Give them a shot, how do you know if they aren't any good if you don't read them?

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Comment by Cynthia on May 28, 2009 at 9:29pm
This is a good blog, Sarah! I agree with everything you said. You are really good at expressing your thoughts and heart. I like your Heaven and Hell Battle part, too; how so many people feel they aren't good enough to go to Heaven but as long as they live for God they are saved. You're very insightful!
Comment by Chauntelle Cullen on May 29, 2009 at 4:24am
Sarah, Kudos to you! You see what this is all about.. I consider this saga an epic story of forbidden love. I don't consider it a "vampire series" Bella is a typical American girl, from a 'broken home' making decisions lots of kids her age are making. I would consider her a role model at most levels. The Cullens, albeit they are vampires, they still try to do good. People are going to have their opinions, but you are spot-on!! I had not read a book since I was in high school (graduated C/O 1992...) and it took me one short week to read all 4 books. My daughter hooked me when the movie came out, so I am a "new" fan (since November '08 anyway) but am HOOKED for sure. The movie is on my ipod, I watch/listen to it every day. I read every day. I blog every day. I tweet ... everyday...LOL I am so glad I found this site because I was starting to feel like there wasn't any possible way that anybody else could be this addicted, but I FOUND PEOPLE LIKE ME...LOL
This was a GREAT post!
Comment by Cat Velazquez on May 29, 2009 at 6:44am
Great post!!! These topics have been brought up at my various twi-lunches with co-workers. Chauntelle, I have the same experience as you! Welcome!!!!
Comment by Sarah on June 24, 2009 at 5:44pm
thanks everyone!


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