"Were leaving" Edward informed me in a hard tone.

Even though i wasnt his girlfriend, i was hurt. But also confused. I could feel the tears coming on and i realised i had fallen in love with Edward Cullen.

 "Why?" I argued. my voice shook, i noticed him wince, which i know i wasnt meant to see. I didnt know what that meant but im sure i was about find out.

 "It's time we moved on from Forks, we've been here too long" His voice had no tone, which forced me too frown.

 "So the last thing you ever say to me will be a lie" I growled, glaring furiously at him. "Dont lie to me! Ever! Friends dont lie to one another." I reached out, ignoring his hesitation, and laid my hand on his shoulder. To his surprise i grinned. "I know, why your leaving. I have seen it in your eyes since my birthday, since Jasper... Well you know." I stepped closer, i'd never let him go easily and somehow he knew that. Even if his words were cruel and stung, i would not let it cloud my knowledge, I knew him too well.

 Edward gazed at me in despair, knowing i'd got to him, i put my hand on his other shoulder. He whispered, loud enough for me too hear. "Okay, your right. You've figured me out, just like you always do. I cant have you in anymore danger, Gem. Im leaving because im the danger, well not me in particular but my world is a danger to you. I love you too much to watch you suffer because of me." He pulled away from me, sharply. I stayed rooted to the spot. Letting my hands fall to my sides.

 The tears came fiercely then. Forcing Edward to comfort me in his arms. "Edward, I love you too more than anything. And i know, you just want whats best for me. Yet this isnt it. Without you, whats the point?" I cried into his chest, i didnt care if i got his shirt wet, I would not let him see my tears.

 "Gem, if i go nothing can hurt you. If i go, you'll have nothing to fear." Edward kissed my hair. But i pushed him away angrilly.

 "No your wrong. I was on my own when i was trapped in a street alley cornered by four men who wanted to hurt me. I can hardly save myself!" I shouted. I clenched my fists. It was a cheap shot, but i'd d anything to keep him.

 Edward changed then, his body shook. Then he glared at me. "I dont care" His jaw clenched. Anger in his eyes. Without thinking, my palm flew across his face. Stinging my hand. It made an impact on him.

 "Bye Gemma" Then he was gone.

I cried, long and hard.

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