Twilight my story--- Saving Edward from Volturi part 1

 I hit Edward's chest hard, the wind leaving my chest, making me gasp in agony. I held on to him, locking my arms around his neck. Ignoring my ache, i pushed him backwards with all my strength.

 "Please Edward, please go back" I begged, through the tears. I sighed in relief as he walked backwards pulling me with him. I gazed up into his eyes, smiling. 

 He frowned, then a huge smile spread across his face. "So vampires do go to heaven". Then he kissed me, hard. Hurting me. I gasped, screaming for him to stop. I realized he thought we were both dead and that i had come to great him in the afterlife. 

 Edward released me, frowning still. " I dont understand, this shouldn't hurt you." His eyes were calculating and thoughtful. 

 "Edward, im alive, your alive. I didn't die, also i didn't try to kill myself. Do you think im that crazy." I smiled awkwardly. In fact, i was crazy for even jumping off that cliff, for even considering for a second that i wouldn't have trouble surviving a fall like that, and the crashing waves. 

 He gazed at me for a second, then grinned. "Your really here, alive and healthy in my arms." His grin widened as i nodded in agreement. "Im sorry, Gem, I should never have left, only im stupid enough to not realise that you need every second of your life to be protected" He let go of me, to view me fully. Checking for anything out of place, i bet. 

 Suddenly, i remembered his cruel words to me, and i glared at him, taking him out of his little "before death" heaven. "What you said to me, that is unforgivable, how could you even force yourself to say something like that, only seconds after i told you that i was in love with you" He tried to grip my arm, but i shrugged him off, making it clear, i didn't want him touching me. 

 "Gem, I.. I.. dont me wanting to die just now, prove that i was lying, i had to force myself, to make sure you wasn't in danger from my world." He rushed, sounding desperate to convince. I glared at him for a bit longer then a smug smile spread across my face, i had gotten Edward to hesitate, i had taken him into hysteria. I had proofed that he loved me. 

 "I knew that then, i know it now, You care, You love me." I smiled at him warmly, his answering smile took the breathe from my lips. So did his lips. Soft and gentle. How i craved for more vicious lips.

 Someone cleared there throat, a few yards away. I cursed them in my head. Damn Vampires wanting to destroy my happiness.  Edward, moved in front of me, protectively. I clung to his arm, worried. Vampires scared me, including, Edwards so called family. I feared Emmet and his size, Jasper and his stares, Rosalie and her anxious glares, like i was some dog muck. Yet Alice made me feel warm, and her civilized stance made me forget her desire to drink blood. Esme, was just too lovely and motherly to fear. And Carlisle had nothing vampire about him, I liked him alot before i had even learned of his dark secret. Technically, i did have a slight crush on him. Then i met Edward.

 "Aro would like another talk with you, please follow." The short, scary looking vampire male informed Edward. I cringed at the order of his voice. This vampire could control anyone, just be saying one word.

I was surprised when Edward snarled, "I haven't broke the law, there's no need for him to see me." He pushed me slightly backwards, a signal to make a run for it. I didn't move as i noticed another presence in the hallway. 

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Comment by Sienna Volturi on January 10, 2011 at 1:03pm
awesome <3
Comment by Gemma Squirt Cullen on January 11, 2011 at 3:53am
thank you


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