Twilight my story----- Scene in the woods by the Cullen house...

 I gazed into Edwards eyes as he explained the meanings of the vampire way. My heart fluttered as he held my left hand in both of his.

 I admit i am scared of this brilliant creature, however i am too intruiged to run away screaming. He was new, different and exciting, i couldnt pass up the chance to get to know him.

 "I believe their is no afterlife for us vampires, if we ever die, if thats what it's even called." Edward sighed, he stopped to stare at me. I knew he wanted to not believe it, but he did. Which surprisingly angered me.

 "Edward! You are an amazing. Yes i said person. You managed to keep from killing me when we first met, now i think that is extraordinary. It's fantastic that you dont kill people and thats also a huge reason why i am sat here. Edward if there was no afterlife for you, then what hope has the rest of us got" I grinned at him, pulling his hands to my face, i kissed them lightly. Then my face dropped, and i sighed. "However, I cannot bring myself to be involved in your world. It's bad enough to know what you are. Which is why im kicking myself for the stupid investigation i forced myself to commit to" He dropped my hand before i finished the last word, he seemed to want to cry, but as he explained, that was an impossibility. I looked hard at his beautiful face which unfortunately i have grown to love.

 He met gaze with hard intensity. "Im sorry i didnt leave you alone, i should never have forced myself upon you." His eyes were apologetic. I desired to put a smile to them eyes, but i couldnt bring myself to speak. My safety was more important than my heartache, my heart is what i wanted to protect.

 I'd never been good with boys. But Edward wasnt someody you could ever call a boy. Since the fact he is over a century old. I winced. He should be dead, not beside me on this rock. Cold, hard and impenetrable just like...a rock.

 "Please dont say sorry to me. Edward i will always want to be your friend." Without realising, I touched his arm, an electric current ran up my arm and into my heart. Then suddenly we were kissing, it wasnt unpleasant, it was wonderful, yet the hardness of his lips, made me realise, i couldnt do this.

I pulled away, licking my lips. " Thank you" Thinking this time, i kissed him lightly on the corner of his mouth, which made him shudder.

 "For what?" He asked, looking down at me.

 "For showing me, that i can love. I never knew it was possible" I stood up and left him sat there frozen.


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