Twilight Numerology: Insight into this love triangle between girl, vampire and werewolf

Twilight Numerology
Get extra insight into this phenomenal love triangle between girl, vampire and werewolf

based on the Numerology of Hans Decoz

This compelling twist on the age-old tale of vampire-meets-girl has quickly established itself as a classic in young adult literature. But Twilight has a considerable adult following, too. The story is nothing short of epic: there is the dashing romantic lead, undead perpetual teenager Edward Cullen (a "vegetarian" vampire who opts for animal blood over human); there is a relatable heroine, the courageous but very human Bella Swan.

And even as Edward and Bella rock the conventions of the living and the undead, a third wheel rolls in to form a love triangle: Jacob Black, Bella's close friend and -- mortal enemy to vampires everywhere -- a werewolf. As we eagerly await the big screen transition of Stephenie Meyer's sweeping romance (and suspenseful thriller), we look to the Numerology behind the characters to see how this saga-within-a-saga might play out. By running the numbers behind each of the player's names, we can gain insight into their true natures.

Isabella Swan
As an outsider who prefers to keep to herself, Isabella Swan is your basic teenager. But we see her shine as soon as she notices the enigmatic Edward Cullen staring at her throughout her school day. As the two approach a tense but passionate relationship, Bella proves her mettle by bravely entering her new boyfriend's immortal world. While some girls might run screaming for the hills once they realize their boyfriends are bloodthirsty and over a century old, Bella has an unshakable faith in the caring, mysterious Edward.

And it's to be expected -- Bella's dominant impression number is 3. By looking at the name she commonly goes by ("Bella") as opposed to her full name, we get the most authentic representation of her numerological profile. And 3s are well known for their skills at adapting to new and sometimes bizarre situations. Bella's ability to move from her mother's home in Phoenix to her father's small-town abode in Forks, Washington, proves that she's one who can take change; finding herself irrevocably attached to a vampire is just another challenging situation that Bella takes on with relative ease.

3s are also well known for their abilities to take risks when they sense great rewards. Nothing could be riskier than the moment Edward and Bella officially become an item: Edward admits that Bella's scent is so strong, he can barely keep himself from sinking his teeth into her neck! Once Bella's overcome that hurtle, meeting her boyfriend's family means entering a den of vampires -- an invitation which she accepts with grace.

3s are blessed with excellent instincts, and when they make decisions, they can appear to be impulsive. But in fact, their intuition is simply so strong that they don't need to spend much time stressing over the options. Bella sees the wisdom in taking any steps she can to tie herself to Edward -- even if that means becoming one of the undead herself. With the confidence of a strong gut, Bella can easily take the path less traveled. And as we find throughout the Twilight series, there aren't too many mortal-vampire couples out there.

Edward Cullen
Edward is the broodingly beautiful "vegetarian" vampire who finally lets his wit come out to play when he's around Bella. His sudden devotion to her is passionate and unshakable, and it doesn't take him long to figure out that Bella is the girl he's spent the past 90 years of his life searching for.

Sharp-eyed Edward is alarmingly self-assured and intelligent for a high school junior. Much of this has to do with the fact that he's actually 107 years old, but he also has a dominant impression number of 5. 5s are known not only for being youthful, but for being capable at whatever they apply themselves to. Edward has the best of all possible worlds: his age has allowed him to become fluent in several languages, and as one of the undead, he has supernatural powers of speed; as a 5, he gives others the sense that he can do just about anything. Witness his dynamic first dates with Bella -- the boy can fly her over wide expanses of forest in seconds!

5s are also renown for having quick reflexes, as when Edward jumped between Bella and a truck that was spinning out of control, saving her life and ultimately convincing her that he had only her best interests at heart. In short, these characteristic 5 reflexes are what convince Bella that Edward is after her heart and not her blood. Edward also has his own unique psychic ability, which is in itself is typical of the intuitive 5!

5s are loads of fun, attracting a circle of less conventional personalities to them. They find kindred spirits in people (or beings) who are drawn to alternative ways of living. After all, Edward's family, the Cullens, are related not by blood, but by a strong common bond and a desire to live at a higher level than other vampires. Edward is quite at home in this loving circle of unusual creatures, each of whom has a different life story -- and many of whom were born in different centuries.

Both 3s and 5s have strong instincts to guide them. If Bella and Edward's romance appears whirlwind, realize that there is an entire inner world at play, determining their strong connection. Time moves more slowly for the mind-reading Edward, and as a 3, his clear-headed companion is wise beyond her years.

Jacob Black
Fifteen-year-old Jacob Black is a member of the Quileute tribe, a Native American group populated by werewolves. Jacob eventually finds himself making the transformation into werewolf form, claiming his destiny. Unfortunately, this will put him in an uneasy position with Edward and the rest of the Cullens, since Quileutes historically have protected the land from vampires. As Jacob explains to Bella early on, Quileutes and the Cullens have a long-standing treaty, but they are hardly friends.

At the same time, Jacob and Bella form a fast, deep friendship which may or may not grow into something more romantic. It's not hard to see why: with a dominant impression number of 6, Jacob Black is a warm, caring friend who balances out his lupine animal instincts with a nurturing nature. And as a 6, he is also attracted to harmony; in his culture, werewolves are all about keeping things in balance.
6s do not typically inspire the same kind of passion that 3s or 5s do. This might explain why Bella is not so immediately taken with Jacob, and why, in spite of his growing infatuation for her, Bella is undecided about her attraction to him.

For Jacob, the name of the game is stability. He tries to keep peace between the werewolves and the vampires, and between the more volatile guys in his pack. But while he might be steady, he does not have the same talent for adaptability that 5s or 3s have, which is why the twists and turns in Bella's personal life -- and the difficult choices she'll have to make down the road -- seem to cut him most deeply.

Still, he gives off a true sense of protection wherever he goes. Even when he's not on his reservation, he emits his typical 6 sense of justice and gives friends and loved ones a sense that they are home when they are under his care. As a 6, Jacob is a comforter. He also has the ability to heal, specifically in matters of the heart. Although he is not necessarily Bella's intended, his knack for giving comfort may come in handy further down the line, should a rift open between Bella and her tormented vampire lover....

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