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Okay, am i the only one who thinks that Jacob needs to take a hint?
Yes, I love Jacob Black, but I am true blue to TEAM EDWARD!
I've read the series maybe three times. It's my third time right now.
Before, when Jacob was human, I kinda liked him.
But when he turned into a werewolf, he turned into a jerk
I'm loyal to the character, but wouldn't he want Bella to be happy no matter who she was with.
Couldn't he have given her that much?
Of course he does fall inlove with Renesmee (imprints)
Tell me your opinion in a comment to this blog.
Also tell me what you think I should write about in my next blog.

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Comment by Edward's Eternity on March 2, 2009 at 9:12am
(Make sure you post a spoiler alert warning at the beginning, just in case some haven't read Breaking Dawn yet!)

I can see where Jacob is coming from. In his eyes, Bella is making a huge mistake by choosing to stay with a man who is a huge risk to her, and he feels that Bella doesn't really know what she's getting into when she decides to change. HOWEVER, I am totally, 100% Team Edward (and have the t-shirt to prove We all know that Bella and Edward belong together. Jacob just didn't want to accept that. Love can make us selfish. I do agree with your point though. If it were true love, Jacob would want her to be happy no matter who she was with. That's why Edward left. To give her that chance, and to make her safe. That's why Edward is the right choice for her. He was willing to let her go.
Comment by i heart alice (yunadustrial) on April 10, 2009 at 6:58am
i so agree with the jacob should be happy for her thing. edward is so better for bella then jacob couse if it was what she wanted he would let here go or if its what she needed he would let her go.jacob isnt that takes him inprinting on nessi to stop obsessing over bella.i so agree with him becoming a jurk when he became part of the wolf pack as well.
Comment by Karen Mc on April 12, 2009 at 2:28am
yeah jacob should so totally be happy for her because in the end bella is actually happy for him so can't he give her that in return


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