Ok TwiFans.........im am happy to find a place to talk about twilight............see at my school i would get ingnored when i ever started to talk about twilight a lil bit. ( sad isnt it ) but i have come to find that i am not the only one addicted to it HELL YES.

My addiction happen in Freshmen year in highschool when i wanted to read the book so bad. Sadly i didnt get my hands on a copy til sophmore year. As i read the book i completly fallen in love wit it, not wanting to put it down for a second. My mind was whirling how can a book capture my attention so quickly and how have i already fallen in love with the characters like they where my friends. It scared me how much i liked it, i had to think about if i should read the second one, since i had already finish the first one in a week. Well, against my better judgement i read it and was crushed. ( im not going to say what happen because it is people on here that might not be on the second one, but the people who read it know what im talkin about) I couldnt get over it, i was sadden about this and forced myself to keep on reading. Than Here comes Jacob, this is where my love for Jacob begin, i was inlove on how he was changing, i was become very turned on by Jacob, a little more than i was with Edward. As the story went on i wanted her to kiss Jacob so badly, but once they was about to edawrd called. Once again i couldnt put the book down. I was reading like a mad women, waiting and wondering what will happen. I would go to school and thing about it and come home lock myself in the room and read, this is why it took me a day to read it. When i was done with the second one i was struck by a sad heart, because i only had 2 books left to read, and knowing me i would get thru them in about 2 weeks tops. As i got the 3rd book from friend, i started to read slowly not wanting to go through it in a day like New moon. As i come through half the book i find out that it was another one a 5th one. I was so happy i decided to look up on the internet when it will come out. Then i was hit with a blow to the face, when i was on the authors website i read what happen and how she is putting it on hold indefintly. I almost broke down i tears, but since she put a good version out for tru fans to read i decided to read it even if i wasnt done with the saga. I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE, once i finished it i knew i shouldnt have read it, because now i want that book i want to know Edward more than just bella's thoughts. I was almost in tears and left in a state of Sadness. These books had become so addicting that my mom worries about me, but i tell her i know that this is fiction. I was so happy when i found this website because people understood why im glued to it. So i thank this website for being a place that i can come and talk to about what im feeling towards all the characters and what i feel about this series.

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Comment by Edward's Eternity on February 22, 2009 at 4:24pm
Awww, I know exactly how you feel! I couldn't eat, sleep, or think of anything except Twilight while I was reading the books. I don't think any of my friends truly understand how deep my obsession runs. LOL. I haven't finished reading Breaking Dawn yet for the same reason you tried to go slow with Eclipse. I will be utterly depressed when I have no other books to look forward to! I haven't read Midnight Sun online and don't plan on it because I don't want that feeling of needing more but not being able to get it. I will read it when it is published (which hopefully will be soon now that Breaking Dawn is out!).
Comment by Marie-Cullen-PR on February 22, 2009 at 7:33pm
Well welcome home sweetie!!! Im sure here u will feel very welcome and people that share you facination for the saga.Enjoy!!!!
Comment by Aimee on February 22, 2009 at 7:39pm
Welcome to Twifans!! We've all got it as bad as you do here!
Comment by Yvette on February 22, 2009 at 9:54pm
I feeled welcome... >.< thanks a lot


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