'Twilight's' Ashley Greene Talks 'Breaking Dawn' Secrets

Ashely Green ( aka Alice cullen) talks Breaking Dawn , Birth scene , Bella 's wedding dress & Baby renesemee with TheHollywoodReporter


The Hollywood Reporter: What's your reaction to Breaking Dawn Part 1 debuting as the fifth biggest domestic box office opening of all time?

Ashley Greene: It was an overwhelming mix of emotions - intense excitement, awe, gratitude to the fans, and definitely a bit of relief! Even with a film like Twilight, you're still nervous each time. I never take our incredible fan base for granted. Without their continual support of the films and us, we wouldn't have had the opportunity to finish out the saga. We truly have the best fans in the world, and this weekend just drives that point home.

THR: Have you been able to speak with your fellow actors about the opening yet?

I was at a magazine shoot all day [Sunday], so unfortunately not yet! Ironically, this weekend was the first time in a month that I've been apart from my cast mates, since the press tour just ended on Friday. I'm sure we'll all chat later this week and celebrate next time we're together.

THR: Let’s talk about some of the most talked-about scenes of the latest film. Were you shocked at how graphic Bella's birth scene was?

Greene: It was a bit hard to watch at points, but overall, I think [director] Bill Condon was extremely sensitive and conscientious of our younger audience. He had the difficult job of staying true to the book without turning off a major sector of our audience. I think he did a good job of balancing that task.

THR: Can you describe the lengths the production went to in order to keep Bella's wedding dress under wraps?

Greene: We were literally under wraps! All of us, but most importantly Kristen, wore sacks when we were shuttled to and from the set. There were helicopters and paparazzi everywhere -- it was a massive covert operation to keep it all a secret!

THR: Did the wedding scenes live up to your expectations?

Greene: Absolutely. As a fan of the series myself, I've been waiting four years for this moment, just like everyone else. It was magical watching the words on the pages of the book and script transform into this beautiful, live-action moment. The scene holds a lot of weight and was also special, because it was shot on the last days of filming.

THR: Alice has to do some fighting and she’s very acrobatic. How much of your stunts and fighting scenes do you actually get to do?

Greene: I did almost all of my own stunts, which I loved. We worked with fantastic stunt trainers and I took to it quickly, in part because I did martial arts and dance growing up. The most challenging thing about Alice's stunts is that she's supposed to fight with an immense amount of agility and grace, like a dancer. Try moving like that while doing cartwheels in the air, on wires, over a mock wolf!

THR: Do you feel that the films could have included more of Alice's backstory?

Greene: I would have loved to explore Alice's backstory. But luckily, our fans know everything there is to know about our characters and their backstories -- more than us in some cases! So, I have faith that they understand what shaped the character of Alice, and why she is the way she is, without having seen her backstory come to life on screen.

THR: How do they portray Renesmee's (Mackenzie Foy) advanced growth and supernatural intelligence in the next film?

Greene: If I told you, I'd have to kill you! The truth is, the fans already know the thru line of Breaking Dawn Part 2 thanks to the book, so we're trying hard to keep what we can a secret, so they can savor the experience of the last film. What I will say is that they won't be disappointed!

THR: What are you most looking forward to seeing in the final film?

Greene: I'm excited to see the big battle sequence between the vampires and the Volturi. A lot of that was shot on green screen, so I'll be watching it for the first time along with the fans.



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Comment by AndTwilight on November 22, 2011 at 3:44pm
I hope they show Alice and Jasper's Journey finding Hybrids


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