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******SPOILER ALERT if you have not read the book TWILIGHT and don't want to know STOP******

So, as I was saying before in my June 3rd entry, "when Twilight the movie came out on DVD I watched it. It was good. I know it had an Indie budget so I tried very hard not to judge. But wow! Editing was poor. Too many mistakes in that movie! I found at least 14 on my own!"

OK So inserts into the movie that bothered me were as follows:
1) There is a scene in the movie where Edward puts Bella on his back and goes up a tree. A very TALL tree. Us readers know, that would never happen! He wouldn't have placed her in that kind of danger! She is clumsy, she could easily fall! The risk is just too great for him. And he most definitely would not have allowed her to crawl around in the tree!
2) The writer changed the name of one of the teachers! That Biology teacher's name was not supposed to be Molina! It was Banner! Bob Banner! ARGH!
3) Tyler Crowley van vs Bella at her truck ... happens in the morning before school not after! And Charlie shows up at the school not the hospital!

Things that should have been in but weren't, and other such nonsense:
1) The whole blood-typing thing! OMG That was when the relationship truly started.
2) They began the movie in March. The book started in January! It's no wonder people who had not read the books were dumbfounded as to how they could fall in love within weeks! But to them I say ... Read the books!
3) Tyler Crowley showing up at Bella's house for Prom and Charlie calling Edward on his cell. Edward then talking to Tyler and telling him Bella is not free on any night for anyone ever save for Edward! OMG Comical and defining moment.

Mistakes in the editing:
1) When Bella stops in the clearing where she is going to tell Edward that she knows he is a vamp, she drops her bag by the tree. Where the heck does it go?? It disappears!
2) Same freaking area ... They are standing still ... Edward is 2 feet away then 6 inches then 1 foot then 6 inches then 2 feet ... Come on!
3) The Meadow. Ok so they are laying down ... again not in the book like that .. they are probably about 6-12 inches from each others foreheads. Then when they look back at each other after looking at the sun coming thru the trees, they are all of a sudden 2 feet apart! OMG!

This is just another taste. If you want more ... let me know and I will definitely tell you more!

New Moon comes out in 149 days! Chris Weitz is an awesome director and from what the cast is saying he really knows what he is doing. He made them all read New Moon! He gave them a 20 page synopsis of what he was going to do. He had a vision that included scenes from the book. He didn't try to omit too much. Because the books are from a first person perspective it is sometimes hard to catch an emotion and a scene may have had to be added to or changed. I understand that. Time constraints and all. But worried about the additions nonetheless.

From what we've all seen of New Moon ... WOW! Thank you Chris! You actually put the “I Love You”'s in!!!! And you have shown us 5 of the scenes we expect to see in the movie in one little 2 minute trailer!! The birthday party, the goodbye, her agonizing in the woods, Laurent in the meadow and Jacob's shift into a wolf! Like I said I have a couple of concerns but am willing to wait for the movie before I critique. I know there is a chance for improvement and omission before the final product in November.

I could go on and on but later. If you still want more leave me a comment and let me know. That is my rant for now! Peace and love!

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Comment by Lone Nelly on June 23, 2009 at 12:07am
You are very observant....I noted most of those points as well. But on the otherhand I do understand some of the changes they made for the film. But mostly I agree with you. You forgot to mention the first kiss, that happened in th meadow and not Bella's bedroom. I have a problem with missing the continuence of where Bella and Edward arrives at school togther and Edward reads Jessicas mind. That is so funny and also building their love. Whey did they remove that????
Comment by Corrina on June 23, 2009 at 12:14am
Oh darling I have only begun! LOL There is still more to come! Thanks for the comment!
Comment by Lone Nelly on June 23, 2009 at 2:57am
send me some, I'll love to read them. Nice with other perspectives than my own :-)
Comment by Andra on June 24, 2009 at 1:34pm
There's another mistake in the meadow scene that I noticed. Edward shows Bella his sparkling skin and then he runs somewhere behind a tree or something like that. He has his shirt unbuttoned! Bella goes after him and then they show Edward with his shirt buttoned. It's funny 'cause he hadn't time to button his shirt. :-)
Comment by Kayleigh on June 24, 2009 at 1:44pm
yeah can i just say the films are only based on the books it's not an exact make of the book, i wish it was because it would of been so much better, it's the same with the New Moon trailer becasue it's all of Sam's pack that comes to kill Laurent in the meadow not just Jacob which really annoyed me but again it's not going to be an exact copy of the book just an adaptation. x
Comment by Corrina on June 27, 2009 at 2:06pm
Andra -- I thought of that as well. Having the speed he has it can be argued that he could button it that quickly. I know it's reaching but .... yeah.
Kayleigh - Look at the trailer again. Jacob is not the one after Laurent. Look at Bella's clothing in the meadow and then look at it when she is running towards Jake. Different scenes altogether.
Comment by Andra on June 28, 2009 at 12:19pm
Jen, oh! You're right, i haven't thought of that.. He's speed and.. Thanks!


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