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Ok so this is my first blog I have been trying to resist without much success. So hear goes and don't hold back folks ... I am ok with no holds barred comments! LOL

Yeah, so I tried like mad, to avoid these books. There were way too many adolescents going crazy over these books. Then I had a girlfriend, HI LAYLA!, and my little sister really start talking them up to me. I wavered. So I borrowed my little sister's (Sara she's 16) book and read Twilight. I was hooked! Just the awkwardness of the girl, Bella, made her lovable!

So 4 weeks later I bought the series and 5 days after that I had read through the entire series! 4 books. Done. I couldn't put them down. With the first person POV you literally feel what Bella feels (even with all the typos). /Sorry Stephenie! No harm meant, but can I be your editor??/

It wasn't just that though. Remember all those fantasies when you were younger of being something or somewhere other than you were? It takes you there! It may just be me, I don't know. But I always had a fascination with vampires. I don't know if it was the thought of eternal life and being able to see all these different life events during different eras or if it was that the life seemed sensual somehow.

Stephenie Meyer [link] just takes you where she wants you to go. I am sad that she has decided to put Midnight Sun on hold. I see some great things coming from that book. It is another first person point of view but from the male perspective. And just as she did with Bella in Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn ... she can give Edward's POV. I read the first chapter of Midnight Sun and loved it. I know someone leaked the first 12 chapters of the book cuz she gave it to certain persons so that they may understand Edward and his actual struggles thru his eyes. It just angers me that Edward's story may never be told. Stephenie! Don't let them win! You have a gift for pulling your reader in and making them feel things they didn't expect. Everyone I have talked to has cried in New Moon. I am so anxious to see what Edward went through in those 6-1/2 months he was separated from Bella. I am also anxious to see his true feelings and reactions in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I don't care if you release them after the movies are done and all 4 at once! It will be a good series in and of itself!

So, when Twilight the movie came out on DVD I watched it. It was good. I know it had an Indie budget so I tried very hard not to judge. But wow! Editing was poor. Too many mistakes in that movie! I found at least 14 on my own! Not only that, but why would you mess with events that are in the book to make them almost non-existent?? Or! Why would you create things that did not happen and should not be??? There is a scene in the movie where Edward puts Bella on his back and goes up a tree. A very TALL tree. Us readers know, that would never happen! He wouldn't have placed her in that kind of danger! She is clumsy, she could easily fall! The risk is just too great for him. AND the writer changed the name of one of the teachers! That Biology teacher's name was not supposed to be Molina! It was Banner! Bob Banner! ARGH!

So with New Moon coming out ... I am stoked! Chris Weitz is an awesome director and from what the cast is saying he really knows what he is doing. He made them all read New Moon! He gave them a 20page synopsis of what he was going to do. He had a vision that included scenes from the book. He didn't try to omit too much. Because the books are from a first person perspective it is sometimes hard to catch an emotion and a scene may have had to be added to or changed. I understand that. Time constraints and all.

From what I saw of the trailer for New Moon ... WOW! Thank you Chris! You actually put the “I Love You”'s in!!!! And you have shown us 5 of the scenes we expect to see in the movie in one little 2 minute trailer!! The birthday party, the goodbye, her agonizing in the woods, Laurent in the meadow and Jacob's shift into a wolf! I had a couple concerns but am willing to wait for the movie before I critique. I know there is a chance for improvement and omission before the final product in November.

I could go on and on. And I just might! LOL Later. That is my rant for now! Peace and love!

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Comment by Serena on June 21, 2009 at 4:06pm
That's funny cause I felt EXACTLy the same, like you said , I resisted for a while the "Tilight mania" that surrounded me. And then got hooked...
Also, just today I was wondering why putting another name to this insigniant biology teacher ?? No need!
and the tree session, she could have made them run like they actually did. but anyway,catherine said she wanted to put in picture what were Bella 's feelings when she was with Edward, that explains the height and the 360°C vision above the trees and i <3 it ! Anyway, if Bella would fall he could still catch her before she would hit the ground. He is so fast !
Comment by Karina Rangel on June 21, 2009 at 11:43pm
OMG I actually watched the movie on DVD when it first came out on DVD. After watching it, coinsidetly, the next day I went to Barnes and Nobles with my boyfriend, bc he is into the dungeons and dragon games. So I saw the first book and I thought about it and got it. I was actually looking for a new series to get into since Harry Potter books had finished. I bought the first book and I could not put it down either. The next day I went back to buy the remaining books and 5 months later I am so HOOKED. I even got my sister hooked. So I feel you.. No shame in that!!! Twilight Rocks!


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