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I have been a fan of Twilight Saga myself. The book as been very influencing to he point that it was my pure happiness. I would picture myself as Bella of course, since it was written by Stephenie in Bella's perspective. I would say, obviously all girls could have the same feeling with mine. Every girl believes we do have our own Edward. Thus, the author (Stephenie) has capture the girls perception of how we wanted our lover would be, and in these books, that notion was achieved of how Edward was described as a perfect sweetheart vampire regardless. When I say perfect, it’s perfect vampire sweetheart. Excruciatingly handsome to his perfection and very protective and unconditionally in love with me, I mean Bella. Being Edward as a vampire what makes the story very captivating plus the werewolf Jacob who plays Bella’s best friend and so in love with her. Needless to say, it’s extraordinarily fascinating and all. Weird and challenging, until the book was put into motion. I wasn’t really expecting anything so the same in the movie much more like in the book. I would say, it’s quiet a work to make an adaptation, from the details of the feelings and description of every tiny object, place, situation of a book to a 2 hours movie. For me,really the book is a work of art. But when I’ve seen Twilight, I was more in love. Characters were perfect. They brought their part to life. The remarkable lines of Edward was present. It was heartbreaking, plus the actors were like the character itself, feeling it and showing it. The music was good , visual effects was nearly perfect and the colors were matched, the location was real almost, the glum of the overcasting Forks was there, green and wet. And the movie was a hit, right? And then of course the expectation of the next picture is to be expected. Guess some fans, reacted to change of director but for me, I knew that the ones responsible wouldn’t allow to fail the fans. We’re the ones for it. They made the movie because the fans love it. So, when it the 2 minutes trailer was launched at MTV Awards, it was amazing! Jacobs transformation was awesome. I was itchy to experience the love of Edward and Bella again, and I know it would be making me sad this time let alone. I was really expecting to cry a river, like when I read he book. Geez, it was ridiculous, but I really felt the spasm of heartbreak there. It was more like, Even then I knew what would really happened in the long run,but the author win again on how to hit me. At first I was kind of disappointed about the friendship that grew between Jake and Bella, obviously I’m team Edward, :D but then I knew later on that Jacob is a beautiful character in the book. Without his presence and the wolves of course the whole story wouldn’t be that exciting at all. But the last part of the book, the “ The Truth” part was my personal triumph in the New Moon. I would never forget how incredible Stephenie describe the feelings of Edward and the feelings of almost mend heartbroken of Bella, I see Bella was a normal girl like me,who wouldn’t assume anything after my Edward would dump me. And Edward’s explanation and the words that were said made it perfect. As if the h*** wasn’t really been there. Haha, See I still can remember. And finally,the long wait was over, we made it to the premier on the 20th of November. Thank God for the early reservation. The movie was good. It made me appreciate Jacob more than in the book. Not because of his biceps and six pack abs but because the actor gives justice to his character well. Not that the others don’t. But I wasn’t really convinced at the break up part. And the grieving part. Oh well, I wasn’t really expecting the movie would be impossibly painful but I think lack of emotions and right words weren’t hit. Story wise,they followed the storyline from the book. The visual effects were perfect, the new color tone was good, it did matched to the old inspire look and the glum of the entire story was there. The vampires were actually more like real ones. They were looking dangerous but beautiful. And they were more collected this time. That brought the aura of being a real vampire. Everything was perfect almost, but they shouldn’t forget, that the lines from the book helps a lot to make it more like the book was brought to life. Not necessarily all the lines woud be present, but I guess there were lots of brief but remarkable lines should be said. I’m speaking for my own opinion not for anything. Because I love the Twilight Saga books and movies more than ever. I’m looking forward tohear the lines more at the next 2 installment franchise coming. I knew that Eclipse is almost done with editing and all. It’s more intense and action but the directors should not forget that it’s a love story, so the focus should be the emotional projection of the main characters and the lines of course and the little details of Edward and Bella scene form the book. That would spice up the movie so well. I love the part in Eclipse were Bella slept over at Cullens and Alice did the nails just to keep Bella from going then later, Bella ring Jacob and Jacob said, “ Why can’t you come, did he locked you up in a coffin?” Hah,that was funny, and they shouldn’t miss the proposal at Edwards room. That was one of the sweetest scenes in the book. They should follow more the book in this part, and the lines of course. And the tent scene, that was really amazing when Edward answers all Jacobs questions and of course for the part that Bella was scared for Jacob to die. She kissed him just to convince him to make come back alive.And she went to the tent to wait for Edward and the verdict she thought. Oh well, can’t wait to watch it, and Breaking Dawn of course. I wouldn’t mind having 2 installment again for the final part just to add the tiny exciting details just like in the book.

Scenes they shouldn’t forget to miss out at Breaking Dawn:

 The Isle Esme honeymoon details. It might be realy exciting if they will eventually follow he book really, for this part.
 The preg part. The agony of Edward seeing Bella suffer and Bella willing to risk for her baby. And Jacob being supportive. This part should be visible or different scenes about his part. With Bella sucking blood :D for her baby

 Rosalie and Jacobs constant funny mocking. Geez, this would really add stir for the Vampire-Wolf unending clash.Spice! Plus Jacob’s mouth open sleep at Cullen’s couch, haha..Don’t miss Rosalie’s dog bowl for Jacob!

 Bella and Edward hunting when Bella’s already a Vamp

 Bella upset with Jacob for imprinting Reneesme

 Reneesme biting Jacob

 Seth’s growing friendship with Edward and the Cullens and the part Edward cooking.
 Bella driving with Jake and Reneesme to Charlie and Charlie visiting the Cullen’s to check out on Bella and Bella does charade to look human and Edwards sweet instructions to her kid not to bite Granpa Charlie, haha and biting Jacob is fine lol

 Reneesme visions should shared to the visitors, and she cried cause she thought everybody does’t like her. The lines should be copied from th book this part.

 Fight scene should be a war like..This part should be more elaborated, the part in the clearing before Alice get into the picture. And the part that Bella gets ready for Jacob and Reneesme to leave. Jacob cried. Edward confronts Bella hiding her plan.

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