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Michael Welch is going to be attending a fan cruise that leaves from Seattle and goes to Alaska. The Finance Foodie blog got to talk to Mike in advance of his departure:

Q: I hear that most of the guys in this movie had to do the Wolf Camp workout, even if they weren't wolves. (I know you are not a wolf!) Did you get put into the training camp again?
MW: I did not do much of that because I am not a wolf. There is a big fight scene in the third film (Eclipse) where the Cullen clan and the wolf pack get together and have to fight this army of what is called "newborn vampires" so they went through like months of training and all that...but for me, I am just at the high school cafeteria. We mere mortals in high school did not go through any of that.

Q: Will you talk about filming Eclipse--was it tougher than filming the other two in some way?
MW: Yeah, filming Eclipse was definitely challenging. Each film definitely presents its own challenge. The main thing to really figure out is how to work with these same characters with different directors. That has really been an interesting challenge because these three directors, they are all brilliant but they are all very different in how they approach filmmaking and working with that has been kind of interesting. And it's also been kind of interesting for me to deal with the character challenge of Mike Newton--because at this point, in Eclipse, he is not really going after Bella anymore. He has finally come to terms with the fact that he and Bella will probably never work out romantically and I think that anybody going after a girl who is being courted by both Taylor Lautner and Rob Pattinson would come to the same decision! It is no shame losing out to those guys!

Q: OK. (Laughs.)
MW: But that is a big part of the Mike Newton character--the way he chooses to go after Bella! That is not there anymore. Mike Newton is equal parts endearing and annoying--but in a good a way that serves its purpose for the film. But what makes Mike endearing is the way he goes approaches trying to get Bella to go out with him--I hope that now (in Eclipse), he doesn't come off as just annoying! (Laughs.)

Q: And they introduce so many characters in the series which has to be a challenge--especially in this third installment! Do you think they try to stay true to the book with all three movies even though books have more details than movies and obviously directors have to let some things go?
MW: I think the filmmakers and the studio have been respectful to the books...they make little changes here and there and of course you can't get everything in, but overall, they tend to follow the stories pretty closely and I think that's smart. We're seeing less and less of that today. There are a lot of movies made now that are remakes or based on books and previous characters and the directors do not even capture the original essence of what the thing was about! They basically just have the name for name recognition and then they do whatever they want. For this (Eclipse), everyone involved is cognizant of respecting the fans and the author and we don't forget that our fan base is what makes this entire pop culture juggernaut possible in the first place. If we don't make them happy, they there's really no point to making these movies, so I am happy with what we have done.

See more of this great interview on the Finance Foodie blog.

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