I posted this on my regular Twi-blog but I wanted to share it with my Twifans family! Hope you like my view of the convention.

Twi-Tour Phoenix - Day 1
After months of anticipation Twi-Tour was finally here!! I live in Tucson and had to work on Friday so naturally it was the slowest day EVER. I’d look at the clock and want to scream, “WHAT? HOW CAN IT ONLY BE 5 MINUTES SINCE THE LAST TIME!!??” When five o’clock came around I was out the door. I planned to get on the road by 6, I would make it the hotel by 7:30 and maybe be able to catch the end of Edi’s Q&A! I had to make a pit stop at my mother in laws to return her sewing machine. (THANK YOU!! You saved my Amazon Vamp costume! My machine broke and I had 2 seams left to do still!) I got stuck in a conversation until almost 7 but was able to wiggle my way out and took off. The drive up was pretty uneventful, until I got about 20 miles from my exit. When traffic came to a dead stop. SERIOUSLY!?! I sat on the freeway for almost ½ an hour. However, it did gave me time to catch up on my tweets ;) It was fun to read what everyone was writing about the happenings at the hotel. Traffic finally started moving again and I got to the Hotel right before 9. I had missed Edi on stage, but I was there in plenty of time to catch the concert.

I met up with Chauntelle (Vixen_Vamp) and was able to put my stuff in her room for the night. (She’s awesome! She let me crash in her room Friday night so I could come up for the concert. We hung out all weekend. Her and her daughter made my weekend much more fun!) Also got to meet up with Dette (Wicked_Faery) and Mike (michaelcullen)but didn’t get to hang out much with Dette because she was working and Michael went back to his hotel to get some shut eye shortly after I got there.

I was surprised at the small number of people who were at the concert…those who didn’t come missed out! Everyone who preformed was great! I especially enjoyed Candace Charee, her songs were inspired by Twilight and that girl can SING!! Gil Birmingham also did several songs, including two originals that he told us he’d never played in public before. Wow! What an honor! They were really good!

After the concert Chauntelle and I decided to head back to the room to crash for the night and the quickest way to the room is to cut through the pool. So we headed out towards the pool and as we walked out onto the patio I heard one of the VIP escorts say, “Is he out here holding court? He sure is…” Chauntelle and I both looked around and who should be there but Mr. Gil Birmingham, sitting at the fire pit with about 8 or 9 ladies just lounging around chatting. (I have to tell you something, that man is MUCH better looking in person. I’d say all the guys are. Their photos don’t do them justice! Not by a long shot!) Chauntelle and I looked at each other, not sure what to do, and decided WE’RE STAYING HERE!! I talked to a lot of really fun girls that night, and by the end of the evening I ended up sitting right next to Gil, talking to him about tattoos. Yeah, I have a few, and he seems to like them ;) He’s single, he’s a HUGE flirt, and you know he was eating up all the attention from the ladies. Around 1:30 am, everyone was calling it a night and so we went back to our room. I’d have to say that the best part about sitting around was that it felt totally natural; none of the ladies there were going all crazy fan girl. Everyone realized that he’s JUST A GUY, who happens to be famous…yeah plus he plays guitar. And that’s HAWT. (thanks Alex, I’ve now started saying that…)

Here’s a pic of the fire pit we were hanging out at. See those little brown arm rest thingys on top of the cushions? There’s room between those for 2 people. Yeah, I was sitting with Gil between two of those. Close enough that our legs were touching…swoon… LOL

I’d say I had an awesome first day, and I was only there a few hours! More fun stuff to come!d

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Comment by KirstyMarie Pattz on September 4, 2009 at 3:02am
Love it!!!Hurry with the rest :D


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