When I started to write everything out, and I realized…I’m really long winded when I write! LOL So I’m just going to go a “My favorite things” about each part of day two. ;)
After a good night’s sleep in Chauntelle and Becca’s room we got up and wandered into the hotel lobby where there was a Starbucks. YUM!! I hadn’t registered yet because I was only scheduled to be there on Saturday so I went down to the table that Creation had set up. I expected there to be a long line like the ones I had seen in Chauntelle’s pics from Friday. When I got to the registration table there where a whopping 5 people in front of me, a family who was almost all done. I didn’t have to wait long at all! I got my wrist band and was ready to go for the day. My seats in the ballroom was row W…ouch…
Didn’t get to hang out much wit Dette again :( She was working, but from her tweets she seemed to be enjoying herself. I’m jealous of conversations she had and the hugs she got from the actors!

The Hillywood Show’s Twilight Parody was AWESOME! If you haven’t seen it you must go The Hillywood Show and watch. Plus check out the rest of their videos. Then buy some stuff on their site, cause the girls fund it all themselves. Can you believe that??!!



· Mike Welch has won my heart. He is a total cutie (much better looking in person!)
· He’s a complete HAM. Seems very at ease on stage in front of screaming fans.
· In his opinion they WILL make Breaking Dawn. Says they’d be stupid not to.
· My seats sucked! Mike (and everyone for that matter) looked like he was an inch tall.

Thank goodness for friends with Gold Passes in the first several rows and decent cameras!



· This man is quite funny!
· After admiring an audience members Frappuccino, he received one of his own! He was joking that she might have put something in it. He drank it, but kept calling it his “roofy-juice”
· He acted out the clip from the meadow scene that’s in the movie trailer in his Laurent voice. You know the one, it ends with “You look mouthwatering” He acted his lines out TO THE FRAP. It was awesome :)


· I decided not to get any, I was bummed because I had planned to get a photo with Kellan.
· I went with Chauntelle get her photo op and to give her gift of “The Ocean” to him. (He told her on twitter to “bring the ocean, because it’s hot in Phoenix” so she and her daughter went in tornado warnings and all types of crazy weather to scoop up part of the ocean and bring it to him!)




· Chaske and Gil have worked together on several projects in the past
· Gil was in Diana Ross’s music video “Muscles”. He’s BUILT!! Check it out! MUSCLES I watched it at work and the song was stuck in my head for hours…lol…
· Alex and Chaske had to keep their parts in the movie a secret for a long time, until photos were leaked of the set and Summit finally came out with the cast list.
· Alex went to school for the arts. He paints, and dances and does martial arts.
· Alex says “That’s HAWT” like Paris Hilton…a lot… it makes me giggle
· Gil has a great laugh!
· When Chaske laughs it lights up his whole face.


· Mike came out and sang for everyone again!
· Alex’s Capoeira Groupo is located in Scottsdale and performed for us at the ball. It was amazing! Talk about trusting the people you are performing with. There were times when they threw kicks at each other and their feet had to have been less than 6 inches from each other’s faces. I would go watch that anytime! These guys were striking their blades together so hard that sparks were flying all over, it was breath taking!

· BONUS most of the guys were shirtless…including ALEX…yummy!

· It took me 4 days to make my top…I didn’t want to look like a polar bear…
· I ended up SEWING MYSELF INTO THE FUR CORSET COVER the night of the ball to make it fit right
· With my boots on I was about 6’4” ;)
· I got to dance and hang out with Chauntelle & Dette for a bit ;) Those two are a riot. Chauntelle was up on the stage dancing for a while…so much fun!
· Kiowa showed up and he and Chaske were dancing out on the dance floor amid a group of screaming/giggling girls. I took pictures from the outside of the chaos…hehehe…


Chauntelle, Dette, Michael and ME!

It was a really fun day overall!

I had to cut myself out of my costume to undress at the end of night. LOL

Went to bed around 2am even though I was supposed to be going home the next day.

Stay tuned for Day 3!

*All photos courtesy of Chauntelle (Vixen_Vamp)

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