Warning…This post is LONG!!

I stayed in my own room Saturday night, and after cutting myself out of my fur corset and collapsing onto the HUGE comfy bed I woke up when the sun came streaming through my curtains around 6. Let me tell you that bed was cozy… I was lazy and lounged in bed watching TV until at a quarter to 8 housekeeping knocked on my door ‘cause I forgot to stick the “Do Not Disturb” thingy in. Damn… so I got up, got dressed, and was going to wander over to the lobby Starbucks for my morning injection of caffeine. I had on just a black t-shirt and hadn’t done much with my hair cause I was planning on leaving.(More on that later!)

So I packed up, checked out, and took my bag to the car WAY at the other end of the hotel. On my way to the car and back I passed the line of people (mostly sitting on the floor) waiting to get into the breakfast. Wishing I’d gotten tickets to the breakfast, it would have been neat to sit and chat with the actors, even for a little bit. I’m doing the friendly morning thing, saying “hello” and “good morning” to everyone as I wondered back towards Starbucks and I stopped to chat a little bit with a guy who is walking the other way. Nothing exciting, just the usual “Good morning, how are you today?” “Very well, thank you” kinda stuff. Very nice guy. I told him to “Have a great day” and he flashed me a gorgeous smile and I stumbled towards the line to get caffeine. Several steps later my brain clicked into place. OMG, YOU IDIOT! THAT WAS ALEX MERAZ!! I was kicking myself for not realizing it and telling him how much I enjoyed the performance the night before at the ball by his group. Although, I may have saved myself from a total fan girl moment by being completely oblivious… I couldn’t believe I was that out of it. So I got my coffee and I RAN to @Vixen_Vamp’s room to tell them about my stupidity. No answer at the door. Instead I wandered around in the hotel for a while thinking I’d run into them somewhere. Turns out they were still asleep. How can you be sleeping!! I needed to tell someone about my encounter! LOL

Originally, I was only supposed to be in Phoenix on Saturday to enjoy a day of fun and get my “Kellan Crush” but since plans change (Kellan CANCELING…so sad) and I have wonderful new friends I was able to go up Friday night to partake in the concert and stay with @Vixen_Vamp, then Sunday when I was supposed to go home I talked myself into not only staying for the day, but also getting a wolf pack picture. I couldn’t resist those gorgeous men. You wouldn’t be able to if you were there. Trust me… :) My husband wasn’t exactly happy with this. He was frustrated that my “one day trip to Phoenix” had turned into a weekend trip. His reply to me was, “If you want to stay, go ahead. Call me when you leave.” I figured I would be on the road by 6 or 7 which would give me time to get to hang out with @Vixen_Vamp and @Wicked_Faery for a while after the convention was over. Riiigggghhttt…I went down and paid my $25 for a general admission ticket, which had HORRID seating, and I paid for my wolf pack pic.

The Q&A with Chaske and Alex had me laughing so hard that by the time they got off stage my cheeks hurt. These two guys are a riot. You can tell they get along really well and were super relaxed. I can’t remember if it was Saturday or Sunday when they were on stage but they were talking about Alex’s scene with Bella when she’s yelling at them about Jacob. He said that he thought it would be a good idea to stay up for a week so he could feel what it was like to live on little sleep like the wolf pack does in the books. Not his best idea. While they were filming he decided to try something “different” during the scene. He made a high pitched yelping noise and “grabbed” Kristen’s throat. They said something about “not being allowed to touch Kristen” (SERIOUSLY WTF!!??? Not allowed to touch her!? Does she really think she’s better than the rest of the cast? Is she made of glass?) Chaske kept making fun of the noise he made and Alex told him that he was doing it wrong. So he demonstrated it for us. I was cracking up! The set of these movies must never be boring! One of the questions to them was something about what they thought of imprinting and if they’d want to. They both said they would want to imprint, Alex said that the woman doesn’t have much of a choice if you imprint on her. He said it’s like back in the cave man days when you just clubbed them over the head. Then he bonked himself in the head with his microphone. (This part has to be my favorite of the entire weekend!) Then he covered his tracks, saying something about how of course women have a choice but that’s what it seemed like to him. Someone in the audience said that she had imprinted on Alex earlier that day and asked if he felt anything. He jokingly said “yes” and bonked himself on the head and slumped over. At one point Alex was asked something and Chaske hadn’t moved his mic far enough away from his mouth and let slip an audible “Oh Sh*t.” You could tell he was totally embarrassed, he was blushing (from what I hear, couldn’t tell from my seat) This made the entire audience burst out laughing, because you could tell that he hadn’t meant to say it out loud, or at least not that we could hear. The show is supposed to stay PG. Oops!

**Photos of Chaske and Alex taken by Chauntelle (Vixen_Vamp)

After that I went and got in line for the Wolf Pack Photo Op. I was trying to figure out right up until it was my turn how I wanted to pose, I ended up doing the sammich. I walked up and Chaske scooped me into a hug. Soooo nice! Then I told them I wanted a sammich and for them to get in real close. They are such good sports! I was SUPER snug between the two of them! I am wearing thin flip flops in this picture, and I’m as tall as Alex. Nice! (I like my guys as tall as or shorter than me, I’m almost 6’ tall!) It’s not the best shot of me, keep in I hadn’t done anything to my hair, and I was wearing my comfy old black t-shirt because I thought I was going home that morning and everything was packed. The other two people in my photo looked yummy though! I had my fingers crossed that they’d have the Sunday pics developed before the end of the day since they had been so quick with the turnaround for Friday and Saturday’s pictures. Ted (the photographer) was AWESOME!! Everybody’s pics were ready before the convention wrapped up. I was SO happy!!

I decided to run to Walgreens down the street after that to go pick up some cheap candy to munch on and I was about half way there when my phone rang. It was Vixen_Vamp calling me to tell me that I’d won the $500 drawing for staying at the hotel!! OMG!!! I turned around and zipped back to the hotel as quick as I could. I got my gift certificate and went into the vendor room to start spending it! I was limited to only Creation Entertainment merch and unfortunately, it was the last day and the lunch boxes and lots of other goodies were not on the tables anymore. :( I loaded up with t-shirts sweatshirts and a few autographed photos. I seriously did some Christmas shopping for my cousin who is a Twilight fanatic but couldn’t make it to Phoenix with me. I was only able to spend about ½ of it there…but they said that I can spend the rest on the Creation site. Cool!

Christian and Justin did their Q&A and each spent some time out in the audience. They were comfortable together onstage, and Justin really seemed to enjoy interacting with the crowd. He made a point of waving and saying “Hi!” to anyone that stood up when their question was asked. Justin has two clothing stores and I guess I’m not as fashion aware as most, but is it me or is he wearing a purse?? This trips me out…
When everything was over with, I txted my hubby to let him know that we were going to hang out by the pool for a while with @Wicked_Faery since we hadn’t been able to talk to her much during the weekend. Vixen_Vamp, her daughter and I went to McDonalds for dinner (the hotel food was not CHEAP!) and then we came back and chilled at the pool and in the jacuzzi. It was really relaxing. The three of us hit it off like we’d known each other for years. You ladies ROCK! I had a 2 hour drive home, and had to be at work the next day so I packed up and took off around 9pm. While I was at the pool, my hubby called my phone several times and left pissed off sounding messages (phone was in the room, not at the pool. My phone doesn’t need swimming lessons…)I had left Vixen_Vamp’s and Wicked_Faery’s phone #s with him in case of emergencies and he called Wicked_Faery and left a msg on her phone too. I felt bad because he sounded pissed off on her message too. (Sorry Dette!) The drive home was uneventful, and I was tucked into my bed before midnight. Turns out hubby was upset cause he thought I had left w/o telling him and was broken somewhere on the side of the road. His heart was in the right place…but he sounded more pissed off than worried in his messages!

Over all my weekend ROCKED & went by way too fast. It was fun filled and even though I went up a bit upset about the changes in the actors who would be there I have to tell you that it turned out better than I could have expected. I catch crap from people for going up to a “TWILIGHT CONVENTION” I say to hell with them. I had an awesome weekend full of fun and silliness with my new friends and a bunch of people who were there for the same reason I was! No one there was judging each other, it even seemed like people were trying to out-do one another to be the biggest Twilight-aholic. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Maybe next time I’ll volunteer and get to see some behind the scenes stuff…

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Comment by Damon's distraction (zuzu) on September 29, 2009 at 4:10am
when Twu-Tour will come to Indonesia???
I know the answer.. its Impossible :'(
Comment by littletwilighter on September 29, 2009 at 6:31am
Thats so cool, my mom is taking me and my sister to the Nashville one.. I cant wait!!!


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