chapter 1:The Bump

Kristen,Mark,and I Niela Jones BFF's scince the 2nd grade where at the Koffe Cafe. Kristen Lewis,16, striaght A's sudent but believe or not but she is one of the prettiest girls in 8th grade.Caucasian,tall light blue eyes,curly blonde and fairly skinny.Markus Reeves aka:Mark.16 Math geek,fairly cute,caucasian,mediem height,straight,short,brown hair,dark blue eyes.And me Niela Jones odd ball between Mark and Kristen.Tall,16,tan,long black hair(to my waist)dark brown eyes,me A's and B's student and book lover. Mark and Kristen were going on and on about the Plain White T's concert. Usually I was all ears, but Charlyn and Jacob Evans just arrived.Charlyn was the whole Reno 911,miss popular,"all about me" kind of chick.She's cute,popular,tall,long, gorgeous,blonde hair,beutiful,face,caucasian,but a little pale,she has light blue eyes,sometimes I think they twinkle.And there was here brother,Jacob Evans.He's tall gorgeous also caucasain and a little pale. Dark brown eyes,short,curly,brown hair.He keeps to himself.Doesn't really fit in with there atmoshere.
"Niela! Ni! Hello?" said Kristen
"Oh sorry!Got caught in my own world" I said
"Ooooow staring at Jacob again!" she whispered with a small giggle
"I'm not staring! I'm just looking from a far distance!" I said and a little too loud because Mark looked at us.
"Ugh! Niela when are you going to get over him? He just some pretty boy."Mark said with a sigh
...Um arkward. Boy BFF talking about crushes.
"Mark.Girl time,meet us at my house in an hour" said Kristen
Feeling embarrassed I walked away.And bumped into Jacob.He stared at me and smiled.
"Sorry"he said with his persuasive,low voice.
"...Um sorry.It's okay."I said knowing I was blushing big time!
He helped me up and said,"Well hello I'm Jacob,Jacob Evans." he said with a face smacking smile.
"Hey. I'm Niela,Niela Jones."I said my voice shaking
From the conner of my eye I swear I saw Charlyn roll her eyes.She never liked me.I don't no why and I don't want to find out,she give me the creeps.
"Well I don't think we've met?" he said
"Well no. But I've seen you around in the halls,French,and in English class."I said with a little a regret.
"Oh"he said looking down at the floor,"Maybe we should hang out sometime."
"Yeah maybe"I said blushing so much I might burst.
"Well here's my my number"he gave me a sheet of paper with his number on it.
I wrote my number on the other half and ripped and gave it to him.
"Here's mine"I said
"See ya"he said
"Bye."I said with a giggle
I walked over to Mark and Kristen and said,"SCORE!"I said feeling like my heart was just about to jump out and go crazy around the room.
"Well I see that went well" said Kristen with a giggle
"He gave me his number,to call him so we could hangout"I said
Butting in Mark said,"Doesn't pretty boy have girl friend Aubrie Wright."
"...Well um."
I was felling reallt dumb. I never really thought about that.She was apart of Charlyn's group.They were cute together but they never really...clicked.I don't really no how to explain it.
"Shut up!"Kristen yelled to Mark."I heard they broke up!"
"No way! This is like the best day ever!" I said evening hearing the exciment in my own voice.
"WOW whoop-dee-doo ." said Mark being very irritable
"Bye Mark"we said and left the cafe
While we walked Kristen kept asking non stop questions about what happen.I told her about 5 times now and she still couldn't get out of her head that the cuttest boy in 8th grade gave me his number.I couldn't either,I felt like I was just dreaming. I pinched myself,nope this was reality. Wow me and Jacob.Jacob and I.
"So when are you going to call him.Tonight?"
"What? No that is to pushy he might think I desperate! I'll call tomorrow!"
We were finally at Kristen's house.Her mom was outside working in her garden.
"Hey mom"yelled Kristen
"Hey waz up Ms.J."I yelled
That was her cool nickname for Kristen's guest.Her name Amber Jones.She was 39 very fit for her age.She had dirty blonde hair,light blue eyes,short,caucasian..Her mom was a lawyer so I didn't see her much. Her dad was a repair man at his own shop called Repair and Beware Auto Elay.He was 42,partly bald,chubby,caucasian.

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Comment by Elizabeth Luna Volnuri on October 9, 2009 at 7:47pm
thats really great!!mark is really funny:)))))))))))))))))and jacob sounds really hott too!!!
Comment by J@zzc@ stew@rd @k@ j@zz on October 9, 2009 at 8:13pm
cool i like it!!!!!!! LOL :):D
Comment by Gemma Squirt Cullen on October 10, 2009 at 8:52am
its good :)


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