Uproar Over Robert Pattinson Sexiest Beast Loss

NEWS FLASH!! Twi-hard fans are not only dedicated, they are legion. So how did Twilight’s Robert Pattinson get edged out as the “Sexiest Beast” by Vampire Diaries’ bad-boy Ian Somerhalder? I have heard that many Twi fans are totally perplexed. Actually, they are shocked.

Let me help you out with this. Don't be a hater, don't send me death threats, don't send me hate mail. I am only stating the facts, the obvious. Just work with me here.

First of all. I am a die hard Twi fan. I am the one that goes to the midnight premieres, I am the one that even waits up for the midnight DVD release of the movies. Totally a fan. I shamelessly love everything Twilight. While Robert is not the one that makes me feel weak and makes my knees buckle at the sight of him. There is no denying he is handsome. He is Romeo. He is Casanova. He makes girls scream and cry at the mention of his name. His fandom is world-wide.(SIDE NOTE-My main man is Charlie Bewley, AKA Demetri-the Volturi tracker). Ok, back to my point.

Ian is a new comer. Yes, I love Vampire Diaries. I watch it religiously, every week. I even DVR it and watch the episodes over and over. I really love the story line. Moreover, I happen to love Ian's character, Damon's, bad boy image rocks. It kicks ass.

With that said, I know Twi-hards are scratching their heads and screaming foul. I read the comments that were made by both camps and they were rude, dirty and low. Granted, there won't be a congressional investigation. I can even see a repeat of the presidential voting incident in Florida. Hanging chads. Kidding, ya'll.

EW conducted a single-elimination tournament with 64 contestants, much like the NCAA’s March Madness basketball tournament. It’s online poll began July 19, and the results were revealed Thursday (Aug. 26).

The “Beasts” vying for the title included vampires, werewolves, aliens, mutants, monsters and machines from various movies and television shows.

The finalists after more than 1.5 million votes cast came down to Rob and Ian. Other top contenders included True Blood’s Alcide (Joe Manganiello) and Twilight’s Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). In the final, the two dashing undeads were separated by a mere 3,902 votes out of about 270,000 cast. The tally was 138,630, for Damon and 134,728 votes for Edward.

The magazine reports that the voting was close; at one point only 200 votes separated the two, before the tide turned for good. Some suggest that “Maybe it was a last-minute Tweet from Somerhalder himself –”That Pattinson guy will end up kicking my butt, however thanks for taking the time, that’s really cool : )” that turned the tide, the magazine noted. Hell, maybe it was a get-out-the-vote campaign by Somerhalder’s co-star Matt Davis (Alaric). “I think he text-messaged Justin Bieber and said ‘Hey, would you please vote for my friend?’ I’m not even kidding,” Somerhalder tells EW.

So what happened Twi fans? My personal opinion is the pole was about the SEXIEST. As much as I love Rob, I can't lie, Ian is just sexier. He has more sex appeal. Way more sex appeal. Have u seen Ian with his shirt off? Yummy, totally babe material. Rob without his shirt, just not as impressive. Sorry Robstens, I'm not hating on Robert, I am just being honest.


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Comment by imaGINAtion on August 28, 2010 at 3:41pm
Sorry, Ian's 15 minutes of fame have just begun counting down.
Comment by imaGINAtion on August 28, 2010 at 3:45pm
Robert's got at least the next 30 years to ride it slow & easy! We've all seen the quotes "Rob is the hottest male
to come out worldwide in decades, comparing him to Elvis, the beattles, James Dean".....just quoting.,that'sall.
Comment by Carmen Rohde on August 28, 2010 at 3:49pm
Why am I not surprised, @Twilight nut.
Comment by Mannefik on August 28, 2010 at 3:57pm
@imaGINAtion 15 minutes of fame? Um, Ian has been around longer than Rob. Reversed is more right.
Comment by Amy on August 28, 2010 at 4:19pm
@Oh lan... why oh why are you on a Twi site?! Really!?!?
Comment by Kallia on August 28, 2010 at 5:48pm
Ian is really hot, Rob is handsome...
Comment by Amy on August 28, 2010 at 5:59pm
@Oh lan... yes TWILIGHT.... not VD.... but you've missed the point completely so just forget it....
Comment by imaGINAtion on August 28, 2010 at 7:23pm
Here we go again....Same Anti-Twilighters over & over have their knickers in a knot, It's OLD already!
I thoroughly explained myself clearly children you didn't read what I expressed on this blog since this a.m.
Also, I see alot of Twifans (fans of several castmates/characters that they love/follow) actually stating things like, "even tho' I voted for Edward I still think Damon is cute/sexy/etc. too" We NEVER see a DAMON/STEFAN fan come onto this site and give it up JUST a little for Edward - do you? We are WAY more flexible (The way Edward would want us to be! :D) I even said that I tune into VD and it's good, did u read that also before u jumped down my comment(s)??????? You guys are passionate about your show, and we're passionate about our movies. You guys are coming on here as VD fans clinching your A**** so tight not even ever saying anything decent about E/R or B/K or some other characters for that matter. I see it happen here ALL the time!
Coming here looking for a fight You'd be struck dead before you gave a little props on our site wouldn't u, its so apparent!! PLEASE HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR THE WHOLE TWILIGHT CAST. Not everyone here comes on to spend their valuable time only to have to brawl it out with a VD fan, or a nonsten, etc! You guys are insane sometimes, don't you see that? Well after others & I have explained ourselves, for the 100th time, you guys still don't get it. I know it pains you, otherwise you wouldn't be whining all the time here, but maybe we'll acknowledge Damon & his One award if you acknowledge One of the Dozens that Edward has won, plain and simple. Don't come on here all loaded for bear because it WILL be a losing battle, Get that. Please Read this over & over until you do get it.
My POINT again...I have and will never go over to VD websites bashing, disrespecting, slamming VD cast, and throwing every single one of Edwards/Jacobs Wins at you. I'd be pathetic to ever do that. I think we agree that we like our "men" but I'm not gonna change you & you aren't gonna change me even tho' you guys try so hard to convince us on Twifans. It's real funny how you EXPECT us on our own site to dish it in from you, we don't have to, that's why its everything Twilight, not everything Vampires express all abaord! A sure loss defending Damon/Ian on an Edward/Rob website dude. So just be prepared to spoon it back in when you dish it out to us, so to speak, becuz here, it's a losing battle! I don't see how some people can like the twilight books/movies, but not like the main characters either way. that's like loving a BLT sandwich without the tomato. I love & stand by what Stephenie dreamed, created, wrote, and will now help direct the last of Our saga, BD 1&2, period. Oh, also Thank her too, because without SM you wouldn't be on here spending your time complaining to us. (Truth hurts, huh?)
Comment by Karen E on August 28, 2010 at 7:23pm
The only reason Ian won was because ONTD posted the link. They are really obsessive Twilight haters. You should read some of their posts. They make people like Perez Hilton looks sane. They are a very big entertainment blog. That's why Rob lost.
Comment by Arely Martinez on August 28, 2010 at 9:31pm


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