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The Final Chapter

Here comes the bride! At long last, Bella gets a ring – But it’s not all wedding bliss. Prepare for the wedding of the century!

Come November 18th, when The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 hits theaters, Bella (Kristen Stewart) will finally say “I do” to Edward (Robert Pattinson). “Oh man, everything was so beautiful: the dress, the acting, all of it,” costar Kellan Lutz tells Us. Even Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, who makes a cameo as a guest “was crying!”

So: Happily ever after? Not quite. After Bella gets pregnant, Jacob’s wolf pack deems her unborn baby a threat – and decides to kill her. Meanwhile, the sinister Volturi  vampires mass for a war against the Cullen family. “This movie’s darker and more action-packed,” Nikki Reed promises Us. Adds director Bill Condon, “Everything is coming at you from all sides… It’s a really intense ride!” But even that bloodshed is nothing compared to the supernatural birth of Bella and Edward’s half-vampire baby. “It’s quite hard-core,”   Pattinson admits. “Quite graphic!” Adds Stewart. “It was so cool. I think we really did try to go as sort of hard-core as we could. It’s definitely not your typical birthing scene!”

Twilight Forever!

It’s true that vampires never really die. “I’m still amazed by the longevity of it!” says Robert Pattinson of the epic Twilight saga, which, since its 2008 lauch, has racked up nearly $2 billion dollars at the box office; golbal fansites in such languages such as Lativian, Finnish and    Hebrew; and, well, too many Rob riots to count. “It’s crazy,” costar Nikki Reed tells Us of life inside the Twilight zone. “But I don’t get in bizzare situations like the boys do. People don’t try to rip my clothes off – usually!” So with the series’ ending finally in sight, will the fandemonium end? Don’t count on it. As Kellan Lutz points out to Us “This will take years to die down. Breaking Dawn: Part II isn’t out until November 2012 – so that’s two more years of premieres, press tours, traveling the world and meeting the fans. It’s going to be do much fun!”

Robert Pattinson; Inside His Private World

He’s hot, famous, and rich – but all Rob really wants is to be just like us.

Like most A-listers, Robert Pattinson usually travels via private jet. But when it came time to report to the Breaking Dawn set last fall, he opted for a more scenic alternative: a road trip! Hopping into a white SUV, he and two of his British mates drove 1,800 miles from L.A. to Baton Rouge, Louisiana – with plenty of pit stops along the way. (Think breakfasts and IHOP, dive bars aplenty, and a detour to Lubbock, Texas, for Buddy Holly Week.) “It was awesome,” he said afterward. “I went on service roads the while time. I navigated it on an iPhone!”

No doubt, Pattinson relishes the chance to live a normal life. After all, “he can’t even go to In-N-Out Burger with us anymore!” costar Nikki Reed tells Us. “He always has to have so many security guards with him.” Indeed. the 25-year-old doesn’t even own a permanent home for fear of stalkers. (He lives year-round in hotels.) So how does the self-professed introvert stay sane? By keeping his life as low-key as possible: He rents Fords, not Bentleys; crashes at friends’ homes in L.A.: and doesn’t have any credit cards.
Will the heartthrob ever in brace superstardom? Not if it’s up to him: Post-Twilight, he jokes, “I’d love to play a big, fat person!”

Robert & Kristen; Their Sexy Romance

Yup, they’re still going strong – and undercover lovers no more!

Pattinson and Stewart are done chronicling their characters’ love affair on screen. But in real life, they’ve only gotten started. “You can see they have chemistry,” costar Peter Facinelli tells Us. Indeed, they have become increasingly serious (and public!) about their two-year relationship – renting a home in L.A., adopting a puppy in February and spending time with each other’s families. “Rob is very similar to her dad,” says a pal. They haven’t even held back on PDA Either, kissing outside his Water For Elephants party in NYC in April and holding hands backstage at Comic-Con in San Diego in July. As Pattinson himself admits, “I still think there are very few girls in her class.”

Kristen Stewart; Suddenly Serene

A master chef with some killer dance moves? Her cast mates tell Us about the side you don’t see.

Don’t be fooled by the frown: Kristen Stewart may look like a sulky loner, but in fact, “she’s a real fun person when you get to know her,” costar Michael Welch tells Us. “She’s very sweet and down-to-earth.” In fact, Stewart’s been known to crack up the cast with her dance moves. “We laugh, but she’s good!” Welch says. Her cast mates also laud her skills in the kitchen. “My favorite was an asparagus-celery soup. It was amazing.” Taylor Lautner has gushed. Not to mention that, when it comes to shopping, she’s Nikki’s go-to girl. “We talk about style, and she’s actually pickier than I am,” Reed tells Us. No wonder Stewart has become Miss Popularity among the cast. Last April, they even pitched in to surprise her with a motorcycle for her 21st birthday!

The reason for showing off her softer side? “I just feel more comfortable, more myself,” she recently explained. She also credits the support from her brood: “I have a pretty great family, and I’d like that too someday.” (And when that day comes, her vows will likely be “the exact opposite” of Bella’s extravagant nuptials, Welch tells Us. “Kristen would do something simple and low-key, like on the beach.”) But don’t expect her to come running  down the aisle just yet. “I’m not ready to get married!”


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