Vampires Suck Movie Review ***Some Spoilers***

These spoilers i promise you, are for your own good

So my official rating for this movie is like 5/10


1. they actually used the scores from twilight and new moon (but in totally wrong areas except the breakup scene which is what made it funny)

2.there were actually quite a few LOL parts

3. they took alot of lines from the movies

4. 'Becca' the girl playing 'Bella' haha actually did some pretty similar breathing techniques and lip biting like kristen

5. 'Jake' was actually pretty hot and had a great body

6. 'Edward' was (i think) really hot ^ ^ was very much a spoof of Twilight and nothing else (which was awesome)


1. okay i personally dont like movies like (Epic Movie, Date Movie, Disaster Movie, Scary Movie..etc) and this was totally one of those movies. :/

2. like i said in number 1 A LOT was just exaggerated and it can get a bit irritating..

3.The 'Sullens' totally ate humans and had fangs which was NOT cool. haha

4.I just feel if youre gonna spoof a movie do it right, and make it funny especially with something as awesome as Twilight ya know??

My opinion?? DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AT THE MOVIES...wait till it comes out on dvd or the redbox or something..but dont buy it.

Sorry to those of you who dont like spoilers but i felt it was necessary :)

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Comment by cheryl hallsworth on July 13, 2010 at 9:50am
that should have the peole form the HILLYWOOD SHOW do one, their spoofs were hilarious and they had each character down to perfection, they moved exactly like Rob/Kristen and you just know this film would ahve been great if they did it
Comment by Lexie M on July 14, 2010 at 7:24pm
i thought it was a waste of time(for the most part).it was corny till like 37 min into the movie.then some things got good.agree jake and ed were very hot.loved the girl who played jessica(she was in thats so raven)perfect part for her.but my favorite part was at the very end when tthe team jacob crew,and the one girl hits edward and says "TEAM JACOB B****!"lmao.oh and when jess and becca ar comming out the movie theater and they just saw breaking dawn,and jess tells what happens,lol.


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