Video Robert Pattinson on French News Le 20 heures + transcription

The jour­nal­ist intro­duces him as the dreamy man. We have a short report on the frenzy about Twi­light. They recap the suc­cess about the film and the books. The phe­nom­e­non was incred­i­ble in 2008. Chris Weitz is inter­viewed and say that it’s very hard for such young peo­ple to han­dle this sit­u­a­tion. They remind us of the release of New moon on Nov 18th. They affirm that one name trig­gers off the frenzy : Rob.

Kris­ten in a report states that the char­ac­ters are sup­posed to be per­fect. A ques­tion is asked : will they sur­vive the hurricane?

Lau­rence Fer­rarri greets Rob in French and Rob ask in French ” Bon­soir”. So she asked him if he speaks French. Rob says “un petit peu” with a very charm­ing accent. She declares that he has done many movies before and then speaks about the suc­cess of the book and the film. She asks Rob if accord­ing to him, this suc­cess is due to the vam­pires or him ?

Rob answers it is a mix : the suc­cess of the book and his pres­ence. He says that the films don’t tar­get only girls. For him it’s a block­buster for everyone.

The jour­nal­ist refers to the sen­sual and sex­ual aspect of the saga. Rob says that in the books the story is quite prude and acknowl­edges that there is this seduc­tion in the rela­tion­ship, which is pleas­ant and then we have other plots.

Then the jour­nal­ist com­pares Harry Pot­ter and Twi­light and Rob says that in HP there was no sex at all. What seduces the audi­ence accord­ing to Rob is the char­ac­ters whom you can relate to whereas in HP there are so many char­ac­ters that you can’ t relate to their feelings.

The reporter says that 3 films have already been done. So she asks him how he will get rid of his char­ac­ter? How will he con­tinue his career ?

He jokes and say that maybe every­thing will stop after the last film. Then he tells her that the film are quickly done so he hopes he will be able to go on later with other roles or movies. He says that he isn’t impris­oned by his character

Then Lau­rence Fer­rari refers to the frenzy and the crazi­ness of some fans and she asks him if he is panic stricken.

Rob states that he is only afraid as fas as his pri­vate life is con­cerned. Oth­er­wise to have scream­ing fans is part of the job. All this is new to him and cur­rently he finds this funny because of all this girls chas­ing him . He tells us that when he was a young boy, it was hard for him to have girlfriends

She asks him what actors are his model ? Leonardo Di Capio ? James Dean ?

First he states that as an actor it’s dif­fi­cult to iden­tify him­self to an actor who has no mys­tery. He states that his mod­els are quite old fash­ioned because nowa­days it’s quite impos­si­ble to main­tain the mys­tery due to Inter­net. He loves M Brando and James dean

Finally the jour­nal­ist describes him as some­one who loves music and beer. She also says he doesn’t embody the per­fect son in law but girls like him anyway.

Rob says he sup­poses this is part of his charm since he isn’t a con­ven­tional guy or maybe it’s because his char­ac­ter is quite des­per­ate that girls are seduced. He doesn’t want to sound des­per­ate but he has no choice.

trans­la­tion by ptiteau­rel pour

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