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Rupert Sanders On Dark Snow White and the Huntsman, 'Twilight Girl' Kristen Stewart

The director was impressed with Stewart on the strengths of her other films, dating back to Panic Room, and says it's her other work that will help her eventually overcome audience's dominant association of her with Twilight. "I saw her first in Panic Room and I saw her again in Into the Wild," he recalled. "I loved her in The Runaways, I loved her in Welcome to the Rileys. I think she’s going to be incredible in On the Road.
"She’s a great actor and people just go ‘Twilight girl, Twilight girl,’ which is testament to her. She’s kept this interesting pipeline of projects going on the side so she’s not just going to be that girl forevermore. She’s a great actor and she’s made incredibly shrewd decisions for someone who’s half my age. I’d never seen the Twilights so I didn’t really care that much. I met her, I really got on with her, she’s a great actor, she was right for the character. That’s it. It’s as simple as that for me."
Sanders knows his film and his star will be fighting to counteract the specter of Twilight. "I think what I realized is that she’s such a good actor that everyone thinks she’s Bella Swan. They believe that that’s her, and obviously an actor is playing a role – she is nothing like Bella."
"She was there as I was writing stuff, we would have conversations seeing through her eyes, we really worked hard on developing that character together and I was just amazed at her talent. She’s incredibly good at her craft. She’s incredibly instinctive, she’s incredibly intuitive. She will overcome fear like no one I’ve met when it comes to it. She didn’t really want to ride a horse – she had a bad horse-riding accident as a kid – when you’re riding fast on a horse with 200 other soldiers on horses riding behind you, through surf on a beach… that’s terrifying."

Given the film's medieval setting, the non-British cast had to adopt appropriate period and regional accents, hence the recent big reveal of Stewart's English affect. Sanders explained: "If you’re amongst the forest and there are knights in armor looking chivalrous behind you and then Snow White says, ‘Is that, like, my castle?’ it kind of goes pffft. So it was important that she wasn’t Californian. It just felt that to fit into the world, all the characters have accents from that part of the world – Chris Hemsworth is Scottish, and Kristen is very kind of royal English, like me."
Stewart's accent training was extensive, but Sanders approves. "She was really great at it and she did the work. It’s not easy – it’s easy to do an accent for a few minutes, but to be able to do it without thinking about it so you can concentrate on the performance is very hard, and she worked with one of the best British dialect coaches. It’s all ‘A-E-I-O-U’ and it’s hours of work, and she did the work so that she was flawless and didn’t need to worry about it and get on with the performance."
Though she wields a broadsword and wears armor, Stewart's Snow White is no expert killer. "She wears a suit of armor but she’s not suddenly Bruce Lee’s adopted sister. She is wearing armor for protection and she has to kill a queen, she’s not beheading people. She doesn’t suddenly acquire these skills where she’s something that she isn’t. It’s very instinctual, it’s defensive. She knows she has to kill someone and that is abhorrent to her; that sword lies very uneasy in her hand."
That realistic take on Snow White's reluctant warrior nature may have been in part influenced by Stewart's first visit to weapons training. "When we first went to the stunt farm the stunt coordinator said, ‘This is Linda, and she’s going to show you how Snow White fights,’" remembered Sanders, miming expert sword twirling, "and me and Kristen were just like, ‘Uh-uh.’ I put that sword in her hand as I would put it in any of your hands, if I told you somebody was going to come through that door who had done something terrible to you and you have to kill them, I’m sure you’d f****** give them a good run for their money and that’s how she fights. She’s no ninja or samurai, it’s purely reactive."

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Another great interview with The Hollywood Reporter Mr. Sanders talked about his directing styles, casting the dwarves, CGI work, directing Charlize and more.

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