So I stopped by the Water For Elephants set in Piru, CA Wednesday. You can totally see the tents from the highway. I first stopped at 10 a.m. but filming for the day was already under way inside. Rob and Reese got on set at 6 a.m. with only one fan waiting for them. She didn’t get a picture, but she got both to autograph a copy of Water For Elephants. I stopped by later in the afternoon. I still can’t believe how many people are on the movie. Between 1 and 3 you could see some of the 490 background (a.k.a. extras) coming back from lunch. I was only 1 of 3 fans watching the action in the front of the tents. I was hanging with another fan all the way from Miami and her son. I got to see only a glimpse or two of Rob running around with a dog in his arms. There were less than 10 fans behind the tents where the stars leave. After 3, they started filming in front of a tent while starting to put up the green and white screens by the trains. By that time the paparazzi regulars were there taking pics of Rob on the ground. I had to leave around 5:30 before Rob got up on the train.

I stopped around the back before I left, only to have found out that while I was watching the action Reese had left around 4:30. I still can’t believe no one wanted a picture with her! I mean Best Actress Oscar winner. That’s crazy to me. I mean I like Rob and all, don’t get me wrong, but I was way more excited about Reese. If I had time to stick around I would have. I think more fans have gotten autographs and pictures with Rob than y’all know. I thank those like Dawn who have shared their set experiences with us. I was just excited to say that I have been there and to have seen the circus tents, all the animals, and a little action from the distance.

I wish I could have stayed but I was really only in town to visit friends for the 4th in Ventura and to see Sam Bradley and The Men at Hotel Café Tuesday night. I had no idea that Rob and Kristen were there until after the show. We were all waiting in the alley for pictures and autographs from Sam and the guys when I looked around and realized how many paps were creeping. I was the only fan to see them leaving about 11:30 and unfortunately I was in the background of shots. All I have to say about it is that I really was there to see the band play (for those who haven’t seen Sam Bradley and The Men perform you should) and for those that tweeted the location before they left – UNCOOL. Until you see the paparazzi in action practically on top of the hood of a car and in someone’s face, you have no idea.

Notes about the WFE set:

**They are almost done filming in Piru, CA. Last day of filming there is Saturday. (I just want to share because I’m still amazed but the amount of distance people travel to see Rob.)

**They film next week in the studio and end in CA at local UC.

**I guess after that they are off to a middle America state for 15 days. So hopefully fans not in the LA area will finally get some action. I haven't read the book, so I wouldn't know what they would be filming there if they really are.

**I didn’t know my ‘ol digital camera could see so far, but others brought small binoculars and got a good view because unless you have a two foot lens like the paparazzi it’s not like you’re going to get a close up.

**I’ve been to sets before, but a few young paps drive like crazy there. So please be careful!

**Don’t forget that everyone has been working long 12 hour days or more. A little respect for the cast and crew will go a long way.

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