SUPERNESS. Yes I just said superness. New Moon comes out in just 27 days! well, 27 today. Now, New Moon has THREE trailers!! The Volturi Trailer, The "Meet Jacob Black" Trailer (my personal fave), and The Newest one. But it seems that the closer it gets to the AMAZING DAY when New Moon COMES OUT, the more scenes they are releasing. By the time the actual movie comes out, you could probably just watch all the spoilers in order to see the movie for free.
It mean, yes, seeing Bella slap Paul was pretty epic, and the Volturi right was pretty epic, too, but that went too far. I think so.

SO as you can see. THEY JUST WANNA RUIN THE MOVIE. I mean, if they show ANY more, no one will go see the actual movie. Twilight brought on Team Edward, and for the people who have never read the books, becoming Team Jacob took Guts, not knowing whats to come for New Moon. And New Moon WILL turn a whole lot of people into Team Jacob of course. I MEAN HAVE YOU SEEN HIM? Taylor Lautner is an actor doing sooo much to keep his role. HE GAINED 30 POUNDS JUST TO STAY AS JACOB!!!! And everyone is just glad hes there. But they dont see what he had to go through!! its a lot to gain 30 pounds of MUSCLE. But we all say thanks <3 cuz now he got an 8 pack!! But Edward, in the Volturi commercial, you can see that it looks like he has a 6 pack. Now re-read that sentence. You see that little part that says "LOOKS LIKE" which means it was the computer, he said he didnt care if girls thought he needed a 6 pack. But we all know that he didnt work out, not like Taylor. But we all say thanks to CGI. THE EFFECTS. THE AWESOMENESS of THE MOVIE. The stuff that made Robert Pattinson Sparkle. Yes, I am srry to crush all of you T'ED's dreams that Robert Pattinson might ACTUALLY sparkle, but, he doesnt. Okay? And if you thought he actually did, go see if there is a psychiatrist in your area. 'Kay? Thanks.
But, you know, real men dont sparkle, thats why Edward does, and not Robert Pattinson. Though I must say they both look good I guess. Even though they are kinda the same person :p. Maybe some day, when Robert Pattinson actually freezes in time and every 15 year old girl catches up to him, then maybe he'll bite one of you lucky girls. Aha, yeah right. Theres practically a 7 year difference.

Bottom line: No More New Moon spoiler clips, Taylor Lautner works so hard to be Jacob so be happy, Edward isnt real, Robert Pattinson doesnt sparkle and hes too old for all of you 15 year old girls. K? yeah, oh and TEAM JACOB IS DA BEST!!

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