We all heard about the proposed plagiarism claims, so I did some research...

I personally think that this whole claim is a complete scam, I decided to look into it. Maybe Stephenie's lawyers are reading this, I thought I should help them out and clear your confusion:

I am a fan of Breaking Dawn, so it was to my knowledge that Forever Dawn, the unpublished sequel to Twilight, was switched around to make the final book. Since I am obsessive I went to her site and found this:

"How different is Breaking Dawn from Forever Dawn? What changed, what stayed the same, and why? Will you ever post extras from Forever Dawn?

The basic story is the same. Bella and Edward get married and go to Isle Esme for their honeymoon. Bella gets pregnant with Renesmee. The birth just about kills Bella, but Edward makes her a vampire in time. Jacob imprints on Renesmee. Alice has a vision of the Volturi coming to destroy the Cullens with the "immortal child" as their excuse. Alice bails. Bella's shielding abilities turn the tide in the Cullen's favor, along with Alice bringing home another half-vampire to prove that Nessie isn't a danger.

The things that are different:

Jacob and Bella are not nearly so close. None of the events of New Moon or Eclipse exist; Edward never leaves, so Bella and Jacob never bond. Jacob's feelings for Bella remain at crush level.
Due in part to Jacob being a smaller character, the werewolf pack is only sketchily developed. It exists as a whole, but there isn't much information about the individuals. Most of the wolves do not have names.
The entire story is written in Bella's perspective. Because of this, there is a lot more emphasis on the pregnancy phase.
Jacob isn't there at the delivery, naturally, so he imprints on Renesmee a few weeks later when Bella is visiting Charlie.
With no New Moon or Eclipse, Victoria and Laurent are both still alive. Laurent stays happily with Irina and sides with the Cullens in the confrontation with the Volturi. It is Victoria rather than Irina who informs on the Cullens to the Volturi. She creates a new friend, Riley, to make the actual accusation. She doesn't want Aro to know about her agenda—or the fact that the baby is only half-vampire, of which she is aware.
The wolves kill Victoria. She is the only casualty at the final confrontation.
The last chapter ends the same way, but there is an epilogue. It involves Max (J. Jenk's assistant). Bella's initial interaction with him is a little bit longer and, feeling she owes him a favor, she gives him her number and tells him she will help him out in return if he ever needs a favor of his own. Max gets himself into some trouble, and Bella gets to play Superman"

This is basically Breaking Dawn, Forever style, however, this was WRITTEN is Fall 2003.

"Why the name Renesmee?

Well, I couldn't call her Jennifer or Ashley. What do you name the most unique baby in the world? I looked through a lot of baby name websites. Eventually I realized that there was no human name that was going to work for me, so I surrendered to necessity and made up my own. I don't approve of such shenanigans in real life, I don't even believe in getting creative with spellings for real kids! But this was fantasy, and no human name fit, so I did the best I could. I named Renesmee so long ago—Fall 2003—that the name now sounds really natural to me. It wasn't until people started mentioning it that I remembered, "Oh, yeah, it is a weird name, isn't it?"

Of course, it was not published but if it was it could of taken half a year to get published. Meanwhile when Jordan Scott, the one who claims plagerism, is still writing The Nocturne. It is said that Scott published many chapters during 2003, not specific if it was early or late in the year, through the publication of the complete book in 2006.

"Scott claims to have started her book in 2003 and published various chapters and passages of her book on her website until it’s completion and publication in 2006. “Breaking Dawn” was published in August of 2008. Around 14 pages of the letter detail the nearly identical scenes and their book passages. The wedding, post wedding sex and the scene where Bella is turned into a vampire are just a few of the accused instances of plagiarism."

Ms. Meyer has reportedly said that she has never read any other vampire book other than her own.

Now, you decide.

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Comment by Princess Alie~♥~ on August 4, 2009 at 10:48pm
What exactly did Scott say was the 'stolen'?


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