firstly i would like to say this is a very random journey i am embarking on?
i must admit, i love twilight, it captured me at the movie. However before the film my friend told me that i 'had to read this book, it keeps you up till 3 in the morning' i laughed and said, 'oh. okay' and walked off laughing. When she came to stay at my house she 'accidentally' left her book at my house. I picked it up out of interest and was hooked. I was up until 3.53 a.m and i finished the book that night. It was the best thing i had ever read and I'm happy to report i sat crying in my bed at the beauty of it. I'm a bit of a blubberer and for me to weep, by myself in the early hours of the morning isn't an uncommon thing, but this was different. When i cry i care about myself. However this time i was wondering about the outcome of Edward and Bella. Twilight was the best book I think I've ever read. the next day my friend came over looking very smug as i told her the news! haha! Anyway, I've read the second book and have been looking everywhere for the third and forth one and unfortunately i was unable to find them! But the hunt is on and i heard a new shipment is coming in on the end of next week so prepare yourself because i think there will be a stampede. I would also like to say that i have just joined up to this thing and already i quite like it. I have no friends on this so feel free to talk to me aswell. most of my friends laugh at me and id appreciate someone to talk to the understands the spell that twilight casts. Lovin' Edward aswell. hottie.


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Comment by Misty on January 6, 2009 at 8:42am
hi there :) We have quite the same story. My cousin's the one hooked on the saga, way back it was first released last 2005. He (yes, he's a man, and he's absolutely straight!) kept on bugging me to read the Twilight saga. I've always said yes, but never got the time to read it (due to busy sched at work). When the movie came out, again, he kept on bugging me to watch it. And so I did, out of his insistence. When I got out of the theater, I was so regretful that I didn't actually listen to him way before. I bought the books and immediately went on reading the complete series in 10 straight days! The story is too addictive. I have read a lot of books and novels, and this is the BEST STORY I have ever read. It's definitely on top of my list, and I'm pretty sure nothing can beat it. (In my lifetime anyway.) And oh yeah, I'm in-love with Edward too :')
Comment by magicolour on January 6, 2009 at 8:45am
LOL, it's like when I first read Twilight. I woke up the next morning with the book in my face, and then I went crazy when I couldn't find the next three books XD I got them in e-book version though, so I stopped being all depressed. And for some reason, two of my friends think Edward is the most ugly and unlikeable person alive (or dead, i should say).


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