what do the non twilighters think, and what should we do????

As we all know. There are some pretty crazed twifans out there that would do anything, (including throwing twilight books at the twi-haters) to get everyone to follow what now seems to a bible to almost every teenage girl (and on the off side some boys) to follow this book. What is it about this book that seems to get everyone on the high note of this love affair. in the first book Bella falls in love with a vampire named Edward.

In the seccond book, Edward thinks bella doens't need him and leaves her. In the months edward has left her torn up and bleeding inside, jacob comes along and starts to heal and mend the broken bella. but to poor Jacobs dissapointment, Bella goes to find the one she truly loves after alice coming to find her.

The third book flares some dissapointment on both Jacobs and Edwards part. Bella loves Jacob but not the same way as he loves her, but she is still his best friend which hurts Edward. Edward soon accepts this and lets Bell visit her Best friend on the res. ( if you dont know what that is, its the reservation, it is where the Quiliteis have lived for centuries in peace).

In the fourth book jacob wants to kill the cullen family, but when he sees Edward hurting inside due to a pregnant getting weaker every second Bella, Shock horror, Jacob and Edward start to team up, both hate what is growing inside bella, that is until of course if you have read the last book, edward is able to read his daughter Renesmee's mind. Now what is there not to love about this book. You have the vampires and were wolve (shape shifters as Edward calls them in the last book), you have the birth of a half vampire half mortal baby, the love trinangle and violence through the volturi and a vampire army in the third book.

Well i think that pretty much sums up all three books. but what are we supposed to do about the Twi-haters???? thats easy. let them create there anti-twilight group. but remember there are more twi-fans out there than twi-haters. Alot of the twi-haters think that this book is for saps who have nothing better to do with their time than squeal and shreik about some guy named Edward Cullen. Just ignore the people who diss our beloved book/teen bible and for goodness sake people stop throwing twilight books at people who don't like the book. its a waste of a perfectly good book.

just remember its their loss. enjoy the books and ignore the people that dont like it. maybe gather a small group of freinds and talk about it non stop until you run out of twilight stuff to talk about. i mean were all members of this twifans site for one reason. and that is the reason of either being a fan or being an overly obsessed fan like myself. hehe i know and if you have your walls coverd in twilight posters like myself we have serious problems that hopefuly we will grow out of. so smile :) and have a good day.

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