What do the stars say about Kristen Stewart (The Princess of Darkness)

Kristen Jaymes Stewart

April 9, 1990

Los Angeles, California, United States


What do the stars have in store for Twilight princess of darkness, Kristen Stewart? Read to find out!

The first major event in Kristen’s chart is the Moon in the Fourth House. This is always a nice moon placement because it commonly represents those who place heart and soul into home and family. Chances are, Kristen is very close to her family and will find life most rewarding by establishing her own dependable and emotionally close family and home life in the future.

Pluto in the Fifth House tends to make appearances in the charts of highly creative and loving individuals. Interestingly enough, Robert Pattinson has this same placement in his chart. Chances are, like Pattinson, Kristen is attracted by the more mysterious aspects to entertainment, making the “Twilight” movies a perfect fit. Kristen should also be attracted to atypical personalities in the area of relationships. Her children are also likely to be highly creative.
Another odd planetary Pattinson match-up is Uranus in the Sixth House. Sixth House Uranus individuals get a good deal of satisfaction through participation in atypical, cutting-edge and mentally inspiring projects. If Kristen chooses future projects with this in mind, she will find continual luck. Since the Sixth House is representative of our health, there is a possibility she could suffer mental anxieties or disorders in the event she overburdens herself by taking on too much at any one point.

A final peculiar planetary Pattinson pair-up is Neptune in the Sixth House. This placement indicates that even though Kristen’s work has come at the expense of self-sacrifice, she has been able to express creativity and ideas through performing, and that has led to a good deal of spiritual fulfillment. The downside to Neptune in the Sixth House again refers to health, specifically diet. Females should practice healthy eating regimes, and refrain from anorexic tendencies and from consuming unnatural substances.

Saturn in Kristen’s Seventh House Saturn indicates that marriage will be an important part of her life. She is likely to choose an older man with plenty of emotional stability and genuineness to offer.

Mars in the Eighth House is reserved for very passionate individuals. It is likely Kristen is rather sexually charged. Oddly enough, this placement is also representative of involvement with metaphysical or occult groups; therefore, her heavy involvement in the popular “Twilight” films comes as no surprise.

Also in Kristen’s Eighth House is the planet Venus. This is a fun placement for Venus in astorological charts. With this placement, Kristen likely acts as a magnet when it comes to attracting men. Weeding out the best life-partner will be as easy as selecting the most mysterious, yet mentally gifted man of the bunch. Again, this planetary placement suggests involvement with the occult. It seems “Twilight” was written in her stars.

The Sun is in the Tenth House of Kristen’s chart. This indicates she spends most of her energy on her career. This placement also indicates that she deems her role with the public highly important and truly cares about the social responsibilities associated with her career. If you happen to be a fan, you are in good hands.

Another planet in the Tenth House is Mercury. This is a great placement for actors. It indicates that Kristen will be able to harness her life experiences into shaping and furthering her career as the years go by.

Jupiter in the Twelfth House is another happy planetary placement for Kristen. It specifically suggests general good fortune and luck stemming from film work. Once again, this is a placement that indicates involvement with occult work. Additionally, this placement indicates that Kristen at some point may choose to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to perfecting an upcoming role. An example might be agreeing to play the role of a mental patient and subjecting herself to institutionalization to best research the role.

To quench your previous curiosity concerning what the stars have in store for Kristen… evidently, the answer is… a great deal!


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