what do u think about ROSALIE'S character?..



one of the most things i want to see in breaking dawn ..the relationship between bella and rosalie in part 1 and part2...especially in part 2..i want to know if rosalie will be nice to bella or still jealous...but any way i dont like rosalie . i see her very selfish , cold feeling person...may be in breaking dawn , she is one of the reasons renesemee exsited  cuz she was bella's protector but that doesnt change anything. she doesnt care about wht will happen to bella or care about her brother edward if anything happen to bella...may be she wanted ababy soo much but that doesnt mean that she must be cold feeling person..doesnt care  about wht happen to the baby's parents..she only sees wht she wants ..doesnt care about anything else..i hate that kind of people.. 

i just want to know other people's views about rosalie's character...

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Comment by imalovinmyTaylor aka Mrs.Lautner on January 3, 2011 at 2:32pm

at first i didnt care much about her in twilight, all i knew is that she was edwards sis......in new moon all i knew or remember it that she voted for bella not to become a vampire......in eclipse i cared more about her cuz she had a bad last monents of her human life, and i felt sorry for her.........but when i read breaking dawn i was supper pissed at the way rose acted......to the fact that she didnt care if bella died.....i mean if bella and edward didnt do it there would not be a baby to care about.........i really dont no what i think about rose but i no shes my least fave

Comment by sarah cullen on January 4, 2011 at 7:25am

 from my view she always look at her past. wht she lost..she didnt try to move on...if u read midnightsun ( stephenie's draft ) chapter 7 * melody*..edward talked about rosalie's character...selfish , doesnt care about anything except her self, of course she loves her family but number 1 is herself ...also in the same chapter when edward and emmett went to hunt together ..they talked about bella and emmett asked edward if he want to change her and emmett dont mind that but they said that rosalie will mind of course..edward said to him self that rosalie would give up anything just to be human even if that mean that she will leave emmett, the one she loves...

in breaking dawn , everytime i read book 2 , i feel angry cuz of her..she acted sooo cold with edward..didnt at least understand wht he is going through..(seeing the one he lives dying..)..she only cared about the baby .nothing else..even if that mean bella and edward's death...

and after bella become a vampire...i surprised why she acted nice to bella..because she is afraid if she still acted badly to bella, bella will force her to stay away from her daughter or wht...but we will see everything clearly on the big screen. i hope they make rosalie's motives sooo clearly..

Comment by LaTuaCantante♥ on January 5, 2011 at 4:23am
yes I agree with you girls! In Eclipse I understood her feelings and liked her a lot... but in breaking dawn! She is the most selfish person I've ever seen! Shame on you for your selfishness! I mean, just because SHE has bad luck, she can't destroy Edward's love, bella! she has no right to do that! I hope nikki will play her this selfish and egoistic!


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