OKay to start off I went and saw New Moon last night and it was AMAZING!!! . i went and saw it last night with a bunch of my friends . The theatres we were in was packed you couldnt get a singal bloody person into it to save your life. When it was like actually starting and the moon appears on the screen and whatnot everyone went dead silent like you could heard a pin drop it was soooo quiet.

This movie is seriously everything that we all wanted in New Moon and sooooo much more . The graphics were awsome , the characters were perfect , it was just AMAZING all around . The whole time me and my friends were watching it we were shaking because thats how into it we were. Everyone in the theatres LOVED it , like this is what we had all waiting for and it was soo much more. On that note i would like to know what the reviewers were thinking . I got up this morning and went to find the paper and would of bett my life on being hung over real bad because New Moon got half a star and a less then impresssive review.

So i want your thoughts on this , Did you like how New Moon was done? , was it what you had pictured ? , i just want what you thought of New Moon along with your thoughts on the reviews....


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Comment by djenkie on November 20, 2009 at 2:40pm
Well personally as a fan I don't know what the hell those critics were thinking. It was so true to the book. I was not disappointed, it gave everything and more. I have to give credit where credit is due....Kristen was AMAZING. She wrapped herself around Bella's character so well I didn't even see Kristen I was thinking Bella from the book. NM was my favorite book, due to all the many changes...ups and downs etc. Those painful screaming dream scenes were heartbreaking. I felt Bella's pain. And just like in the book for a minute I thought she was going to settle for Jacob. In the movie I was just as convinced. All my expectations were met. I am not focusing on the little details from the book missing, just the big picture. They got all the scenes I wanted from the book and visually made a beautiful movie. Sorry I will stop. It was great. And the sells are showing that those critics don't know s**T!!
Comment by Saskia on November 20, 2009 at 2:51pm
I personally was a bit disappointed with it. some of the music placement was a bit off and I didnt feel the same emotions as in the book though I understand thats hard to portray. I didnt like that the cut the end scenes so short like when he was in Bella's bedroom. That was my favourite chapter in the book but it was cut so short. I loved the Victoria chase scene, that was very well done! Kristen stole the show, she did an amazing job.


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