What's your favorite 2010 Twilight memories? We share ours and our hopes for 2011

Sometimes we are naughty and sometimes we are nice but we are always a fangirl to the core.  We are here to share the good, bad, and ugly of Twilight with our fellow TwiFans.  We appreciate your membership and friendship.  CHEERS to an amazing 2011 of sharing thoughts, news findings, and Twilight treasures.


Please share your favorite Twilight memory with us from 2010 and what you hope for in 2011.  


My favorites...

Meeting Stephenie Meyer. (links to more interview posts)

Twilight trinity at the Eclipse convention. (all convention links here)

Eclipse premiere camping (check out our pros and cons list here) and interviewing Tinsel Korey.

Watching Eclipse for the first 2nd time behind the Stewarts.

Fangirling with Kim while meeting David Slade.

Being on red carpet of the Scream Awards and interviewing Jackson Rathbone.

Getting a photo with Robert Pattinson.....


Hopes for 2011...


Amazing photos from the set.

Lots of interaction with Bill Condon.

The Breaking Dawn premiere to be in Westwood.

A honeymoon scene like the Notebook.

No cheesey one liners.

A wedding ceremony that is word for word from the book.

and much, much more....


This photo was found on google.  If you made it, let us know.





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Comment by Mrs.Cope on December 31, 2010 at 9:23pm

2010 was a bummer for me physically, but I had some marvelous events:

  • Meeting Mr. Lutz while in my wheelchair, and sharing a laugh over my injury. I have a wonderful picture with him.
  • Meeting the most amazing people at the L.A. Eclipse convention, including Gil Birmingham, Daniel Cudmore, Michael Welch (such a sweetie!) and of course, my biggest thrill of all, Alison Genet and posse!
  • Attending the Eclipse red carpet event from the balcony at the ESPN Zone. I was with my sisters from L.A., South Africa and New Zealand, and had a ball watching the stars. I met Kaleb Nation and once again, was privileged to see Alison in the mingle mosh!
  • I don't know if this qualifies for 'Twilight', but I have to say that Lindy and I had a blast finding the Water For Elephants set in Fillmore. We went on a Sunday expecting no one to be there (we were right) and just marveled that we found it at all. (As an aside, I saw the trailer on the big screen today and couldn't breathe. The picture of Mr. Pattinson in Entertainment Weekly is just amazing.)
  • It was a thrill was being in the front row at the L.A. convention and watching my favorite celebrities answer questions from the audience. I felt they were gracious and entertaining, even though they were dog tired from the event. It made me proud to be a fan!
  • I have to mention that I've had a wonderful year of writing fan fiction, and receiving recognition for it. This was the year when my interior self sprang to life, and I am forever changed for the better.

Thank you to Alison, Kim and everyone on Twifans for letting me share the year with you. 2011 holds brightness for the saga and fans; it's one of my sincerest hopes that the actors will begin to receive more recognition for their abilities, with roles that fascinate and delight us the way the saga has.

Comment by TeamEdwardForever<333!!=) on December 31, 2010 at 9:45pm
My favorite 2010 memory was seeing Eclipse for the 1st time. I couldn't get over how good it was! 2011, for breaking Dawn to come faster(haha) and be the best out of the series yet. I am also hoping the wedding and honeymoon scene will be amazing! I am sure they will be(:
Comment by Titania Volturi~Cullen on December 31, 2010 at 9:55pm

Happy New Years, Twilighters!  :)


I have a few faves, in general, meeting Edward and Bella and their unique and moving story.  Edward's gentlemanliness, Bella's awkwardness until she found the place where she belonged, in Edward's arms :)  (I feel sometimes I don't belong and feel like I'm fumbling about)


'Meeting' Carlisle, the sweetest Vampire I've ever seen he's so lovely and kind. Peter Facinelli brings him to life so wonderfully and has a lovely voice.


and of course 'meetig' Aro, his delightful childlike and peppy manor, his need for love (someone to love him as much as Bella loves Edward) and falling ion love with Aro myself :) ... Not at first, not even intentionally, but it happened.  Michael Sheen rocks and is totally awesome as Aro.


All round the happiness & joy, peace and creativity Twilight has brought into my life.  Kudos, Stephenie!   I hope there are more books to come now that Bella and Edward's story is known, perhaps books on the other Cullens and the Volturi :)


Hugs, Salut & Ciao!



Comment by Elise on December 31, 2010 at 9:58pm

My favorite twi memory was the last scene in Eclipse, where Bella acknowledges control over her own destiny and admits that that become a part of the Cullen family is what she really wants.  Its that last line, "this was not a choice between you and Jacob, but between who I am and who I should be" that got me hooked to Twilight.  That realization - that was my favorite memory.  My worst Twilight memory was reading every book only to find out that no where in them does Bella actually say that.


My biggest Twi hope for the upcoming year, is, of course, to see Breaking Dawn in November, but specifically to have an opportunity to re-experience the hilarious entertainment of Jacob's dark humor all over again the way Stephanie portrayed it during Bella's pregnancy in Breaking Dawn. I can't wait to laugh and enjoy it all over again.  Taylor, I am so glad you are the one portraying Jacob, no one can do him justice as you can!


Comment by Cheryl on December 31, 2010 at 10:26pm

I literally had the most amazing year of my life even if my husband is convinced I am having a mid life crisis....Here is my give thanks list

*meeting my new awesome Twi friends....too many to list

*attending the S.F. convention and ran my fingers through Charlie's hair

*my Punkyourchucks.com Twilight converse meeting it's sister shoes

*Driving to LA to see the Eclipse convention for one day, see and experience Rob, Kristen and Taylor along with everyone else who came.  The most amazing experience ever.

*Traveling to Forks and staying at the Cullen House

*Meeting Catherine Hardwicke on the Portland Directors tour and taking pictures with her.  I got my shoes signed and also my Directors notebook signed.  I also got to ask a lot of questions.

*Not attending the Portland convention so that I could go with Laura and Gabriela to sites like, Saint Helens-Bella's house, dress shop, alley and Bloated Frog.  Then over to Kalama school and had a personal tour of all the sites by a teacher (she actually unlocked doors to show us) and posed us for pictures.  Then we went to Madison school in Portland to see the cafeteria, biology lab and halls.  Carver Cafe, Greenhouses, and all the scenes from the Lion and the Lamb and being able to climb the famous tree.  We went to see the dance studio and Indian Beach where Bella walks with Jacob (we reinacted the scenes....I know we are goofballs) and we also went to the Multnomah Falls shown in the movie. 

*Talking with Daniel, Charlie, Bronson and Kiowa in the hotel lobby

*Winning tickets to Kellan's red carpet movie party and the after party.  He signed some things and gave hugs galore and kissed my cheek like 4 times.  He is truly the best of the cast.  Hanging with people at the after party and briefly chatted with Ashley and Joe Jonas.

*Bringing my girls to meet Peter and him hugging them and him actually asking me if he could hug ME.  How could I turn him down?  My amazing friends who came with.

*I'm sure I am missing a ton of things but in a few days I will start the new year with my friend bringing me to the People's Choice Awards with Red Carpet and after party.  I am beyond excited and hope to meet Taylor and Kristen and pray that Rob decides to come.

I am also thankful to everyone who run these fan sites to keep in the know and all their information.  Thank you so much for your dedication!!!!  We can't thank you enough!!!!

Comment by Taunny Cullen on December 31, 2010 at 10:26pm
I would have to say going to see Eclipse for the first time with fellow Twi-hards. For the last 2 movies I was able to go to middle of the afternoon shows with very few people in the show with me. To my surprise I loved the screams and comments made by the people in the show with me. Going to see it a 2nd time in IMAX was also pretty great.
Comment by Catherine Taylor on December 31, 2010 at 11:37pm
Okay, so I'm drunk (and 27 so I'm legal), but my fave memory is seeing Eclipse with my dad at the midnight premiere!!!!     And also reading the entier saga in one week   which made me read it over and over and over and over again, and fall in love with Bella and Edward 20x over
Comment by Rejane Mandapat on January 1, 2011 at 12:07am

Like Dani Kristine, that's also my favorite and hopes for 2011


Taylor always rocks on!!

Comment by Lucia Fernanda Gocobachi on January 1, 2011 at 12:39am

my favorite twi-memory of 2010 was finding out Jodelle Ferland was playing Bree! (Great performance by the way!)

my twi-hope for 2011 is that the technology used for renesmee is good and stuff...



Comment by praise on January 1, 2011 at 12:45am

it was watching Edward's character grow....  each movie developed Him and it was exciting... in eclipse

there was more of Bella and Edward being in love abd finally showing there affection to each other... because in the books they are all over them selfs.. the movie keeps tem at a distance, but its improving with each movie..


just have to say this TwiFan site is amazing, You get the scoop on stuff and really see the great pictures that everyone puts up... Allison does a amazing job and cheers to Her for all Her effort..

each Twilight movie has a different director, so breaking dawn should be wild.. three cheers to all the director's of the Movies, and i hope Stefanie Meyers writes more books on the Twilight series...


aain Allison is awsome!!!! thanks TwiFan 's for all the hard work...


always be watching and reading the scoops and pics.....






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