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When the time comes, I will be ready. I dont know what I will be ready for, I will be ready for something. Maybe I will be ready for death. Or maybe I will be ready for death. Either way, I will be ready for whatever comes my way.

I wasn't ready that summer. I met a guy called Gareth, my life fell apart. I was so deaply in love with him. He was older than me - much older. My friends thought I was crazy. I was, he promised me that he would write to me. I havent had anything from him. I was like a Sparrow in a Blackbirds nest. I was out of my comfort zone, I was taking risks. Just by knowing him, I was taking a risk. But some risks are worth taking. Thats what I thought anyway.

I thought we would talk after that summer but we didnt. It wasn't I was 25 we met again. I hadnt heard from him, in 10 years!

I was married by this time, with a beautiful daughter, called Tayla. I was on a cruise ship with my husband, Richard, and Tayla. Me and Tayla were in the lift with a man. He must have been the same age as me. I reconized him. It was a lng way down, so we got chatting. It was him, my summer romance from when I was 15. Gareth was there. I may be married, but I never once stopped loving him.

I had a secret. My daughter, Tayla, was now 10. Gareth was the father. I never told anybody that!

Mine and Gareths lips locked, then the doors of the lift opened. Richard was there staring at me and Gareth.

No suprise then, that when we got off the ship, me and Richard went our sperate ways. Mine went to Gareth. But Gareth felt so bad, he didnt let. So I was along again, with Tayla. Again. Just like when I was 15. I go a job as a journalist in Ireland.

When the summer came again, and I was 33, (Tayla was 18) I had to show the the new people around. Gareth was of those people. A jounalist working for my newspaper. You can guess what happened then. We fell back in love. We got married. Atlast. I was ready, any day for that marriage.

Epiloge from 'I love you Evie Jones'

By Laura Barker.

"This book, is writen by my older sister. At the front of the book, it reads 'In loving memory of my summer Romance, the really Gareth.' "

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Comment by Evie Barnes on July 8, 2010 at 11:26am
Ingnore the bit at the top!


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