*Spoiler Alert if you have not scene New Moon , Or read Breaking Dawn*

If you have or haven't read breaking dawn or haven't heard, Bella & Edward get married. If you haven't seen new moon (which 99.9% of you probably have even more than once) in one of the Volterra scenes you see Alice giving a vision as Bella as a vampire. But, as you closely look at the picture above, (mostly Edward's left hand in view) there're no rings. As i saw this scene (probably like the rest of you, I giggled at it.) But as a director, should Chris Weitz know that they got married? Did he read the books? Most likely. So why didn't he put rings on Edward & Bella? I cannot answer that. Also another thing not really having to do with the topic, but shouldn't Bella's eyes been red? Or is this just after breaking dawn. Or is this just a sign that they don't like rings, or they only had a few minutes to shoot it and they didn't REALLY think about it. Maybe in this still of New Moon it isn't clear. But who knows? But how could they leave that out? So that Team Jacob lovers could possibly think that Bella ends up with him for fans who haven't read the book? That they think the future still could of changed? I am not sure but as cute as this scene was they left out one little thing. One really important one.

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Comment by Sam on September 22, 2011 at 3:54pm
If you watched the movie you would've saw that her eyes were gold. I just used that picture because there were no others at the moment. This was posted AFTER the movie and her eyes were gold. If you didn't see it, go watch the movie again. And anyway this post is from two years ago.


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