Which Main Twilight Character are YOU?

Take the quiz to find out!

Bella's Quiz

  1. Do you usually feel nervous around big crowds?
  2. Do you stay at home and watch tv?
  3. Do you like indie music?
  4. Would you sacrifice your life for a loved one?
  5. Do you feel shy when you are performing?
  6. Do you care for someone who you think is also partly a monster and mean?
  7. Do you want to change your life, and flip it upside down?
  8. Do you have a desire to live forever instead of dying and seeing the angels come by?
  9. Would you say stuff that you don't know before you find out?
  10. Do you have uncontrollable feelings about you and your love?

Edward's Quiz

  1. Do you love Claire de Lune?
  2. Do you know how to play the piano?
  3. Do you write songs to your loved ones?
  4. Do you want to change your life to what you were before?
  5. Do you hate the scent of wolves (...ew, they smell like dead fur!)
  6. Do you want your loved one all to yourself?
  7. Do you spend your time using your special ability?
  8. Can you control your hunger?
  9. Do you feel left out?
  10. Do you love your soulmate so much that you can't control your feelings?

Jacob's Quiz

  1. Do you like to call people names when you think they are being weird?
  2. Do you speak your mind when something has gone wrong?
  3. Can you sometimes smell a little funny?
  4. Do you fight for other rights?
  5. Can you run as fast as the wind and smell like wood?
  6. Do you happen to have a lot of hair?
  7. Can you give hints to a person that you like them?
  8. Do you force someone to do something when it's just been to wrong and you want something to happen already?
  9. Do you like to try to settle things without coming to a full conclusion?
  10. Can you lie to other people for a good reason but keep it to someone else than the hostage?

Renesmee's Quiz

  1. Do you enjoy day dreaming, even when it's night?
  2. Do you feel free all the time?
  3. Can you dance around for 5 minutes?
  4. Do you have a strong pulse?
  5. Do you have a lot of blood in your cheeks (blush)?
  6. Do you have an adult mind?
  7. Can you feel the warmth of life?
  8. Are you a little bubbly when it comes to a great day?
  9. Do you rather show people things than tell?
  10. Do you feel like you grow up to fast?

Tell your answers to the world in the comment box! Remember, be truthful.

SPOILER: You have to get YES to all of the questions

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Comment by havana maria maceo on May 26, 2010 at 4:50pm
im am totally a female Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Comment by Sarah on June 5, 2010 at 9:09am
I. Am. Renesmee.


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