I stared at the moons reflection in the lake, my legs dangling over the bulky rock leaning over the water. The rock was damp but i didn't mind, the trees surrounding me, the lake welcoming as my eyes lingered along the pebbled bank. Blue bells scattered everywhere, the leaves of the trees green and crisp. We were starting to come to the end of summer now, but the leaves not ready to fall. The water rippled as i wiggled my toes in the water, it disrupted the reflection of the moon, I slowly exhaled as I started to climb off the and walk back up the trail i had come from. Walking away from this place was the hardest, The Lake was all I had to run too, so I could clear my head. I lose myself in here, so I could just think without any hassle. No one knew about this place. The Lake was beautiful, I came across it when I ran from home, That night my house burned to the ground because mum had left the oven on when we slept, there was nothing i could do to help my family. “Mum!” I shouted choking on the smoke “Mum where are you? Dad? Polly?” a big plank of wood fell and hit the floor in front of me, i jumped backwards in fright. I climbed through the back door, the fresh air hitting me straight in the face “Gracie!” my mum shouted from the up stairs window, I looked up and she had baby Polly in her arms “take her Gracie! Save her and yourself! Run away!” The window was to high to jump down from, I climbed up onto the ground floors window, and reached up, my mum dropped Polly in my arms “I love you” I shouted and ran into the woods, Polly was crying but i kept running, and thats when i found The Lake! I had called The fire department when I knew I could put Polly down and we were safe. But i was to late, my mum and dad had passed away. My house was no longer existent, I didn't have the strength to care for polly so I found the nearest orphanage, I left her with the women who promised to take care of her. At the time I was thirteen, Polly was 2. Now I'm seventeen and she is six. I have wondered where she is now, With a good family, having the time of her life, she didn't even know I existed she was to young to remember me. I now live with a friend, Jessie she is my best friend, her parents travel so they don't mind me staying, since i have no home to go to but there. So I walk away from my world and walk into reality where all my nightmares are truly real and i cant seem to over come them. I only go to The Lake when Jessie is asleep, I come in and out of the window by my bed. “what are you doing?” a voice called when I climbed back in the window, Jessie was fully dressed crossed arms and scowling back at me. “I was about to call the police for a missing person! And then you climb in through the window!” she shook her head and sank back in the bed in relief. “I went to get fresh air, and didn't want to wake you” I lied easily. I didn't want to get her panicked or make her mad.

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