As you’ve no doubt heard, Lady in the Water star Bryce Dallas Howard will replace Rachelle Lefevre as the vampire Victoria in Eclipse, the third film in the Twilight franchise

Do we think Lefevre, pictured here at Comic-Con, already knew?
What about Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, who you write about every other day, you ask? Oh, Summit should NEVER replace them or there would be Twi-hard rioting and we’d have to give up our Taylor Lautner Bicep Watch category. But, if I truly believed the new actors would bring more to the book characters — to whom my loyalties lie — I’d give them a chance. I’m not saying I want them replaced; I’m just saying that if they were, it wouldn’t equal an instant boycott from me. At least until I see Stewart running to stop Pattinson from stepping into the sunlight in Italy and Lautner’s soft smile contrasting with his hard abs on the big screen, I’m still more invested in the characters than their performances.

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Comment by Morgaine Chya on July 30, 2009 at 8:19am
I think if we do not stand up for our Twilight actors now, we put the rest of the Twilight actors at risk. Other Twilight actors have had movie shoots Summit has accomodated, some much more complicated than Rachelle's little ten-day shoot.

Anytime core actors are replaced, it disrupts the continuity of the movie series. Summit has already disrupted the storyline of the Twilight series, allowing Chris Weitz--who failed so miserably at bringing Golden Compass to the screen that the other 2 books of the series will not be made--to make major storyline changes in NM. Not only has NM's storyline been changed, but the other two books' storylines will have to be changed, as well, to remain in continuity with Weitz's changes in NM.

Clearly, Summit did not reveal their dumping of Rachelle before comic-con for political reasons. They didn't want the Twilight fans coming after them with torches and pitchforks.

The issue with Rachelle is not just losing a Twilight actor who worked so hard to bring a character to's the fact that Summit used as an excuse Rachelle having a 10-day movie shoot, when Summit has made accommodations for other actors' movie's the fact that bringing on Ron Howard's daughter was an obvious arse-kissing of Hollywood royalty for political's the fact that they then blamed Rachelle for voicing her own side of the's the fact that Summit thinks so little of its fan base that they would do this all so transparently, assuming we are all either too stupid, gullible and meek to stand up to Summit.


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