Why Kristen Stewart Sould Star In If I Stay

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The Twilight Connection to If I Stay

If I Stay is a teen fiction novel that has been making the rounds amongst young adult readers since it’s
publication in 2009. Word of mouth began to make Gayle Forman‘s novel popular sometime last fall and this interest began to spread throughout the Twilight fandom. So what does the book If I Stay have to do with Twilight or Kristen Stewart? Nothing implicitly, except that the book has been well received by Twilight fans of Stephenie Meyer‘s writing style, as well as fans of the Bella Swan type of character and narrator as executed by Kristen Stewart.

Catherine Hardwicke to Direct If I Stay

Now in 2010 there is a substantial connection being formed between If I Stay and Twilight. Catherine Hardwicke, Director of Twilight, will be piloting If I Stay’s adaptation from book
to film as director of the movie. With Hardwicke on board, many fans of
both If I Stay and Twilight are wondering if there’s a chance Kristen Stewart
may be at all interested in the project. There has been no public
mention on Kristen’s part (or her people’s) about this happening but the
idea is alive and well within the respective fandoms. Read on to find out a bit more about If I Stay and why Kristen would be amazing in this new film project coming in 2011…

The Story of If I Stay

If I Stay tells the story of 17-year-old Mia who’s life is thrown into disarray when she suddenly loses her family in a
tragic car accident. Her life is so beautifully serene and put together
that the juxtaposition of this Christmas-time tragedy strikes hard. The
story is visceral as Mia watches her own body being taken away from the
scene of the wreckage as her presence enters a kind of out-of-body
experience. We instantly care about what happens to Mia, and how she
will pull through this ordeal. While Mia survives the accident that
claims the lives of her loved ones, she is left in a kind of limbo state
of consciousness where her body, mind, and soul are ultimately trying
to decide where to go. While her body enters a coma, the rest of her
struggles to piece together what happened and decide whether to go back
to life without her family, or leave the world and join them.

Throughout this story we get to know Mia’s boyfriend Adam, and the close bond they have forged through their shared love for
music. It is music that ties them together, and what describes so many
of the emotional and dramatic moments in this book when words cannot
fully speak for themselves. It is simply put – a beautiful story about
the choices we make for ourselves, whether we choose to stay or go, and
how those decisions affect the rest of our lives. Forman’s writing
flips between past and present so that we get to know Mia before the
accident as well as her altered state of being after the crash.

Kristen Stewart as Mia

It is through Twilight fans on Twitter that I came to read If I Stay by recommendation and I instantly fell in love with the story’s
simplistic beauty. The story is somewhat ordinary in terms of subject
matter, but it is executed in a way that is extraordinary. Mia pulled at
my heartstrings with her loving nature, passion for music, and drive to
succeed in life. You will probably have to read to the story for
yourself to understand why Kristen would be a wonderful match for the
character of Mia, but here’s some of my insights into why she should
play this role:

Mia is described as being musically driven – a cellist – with hopes of attending Julliard. Music is her life and it
inhabits everything she does. Her boyfriend, Adam, has
his own band which unites them in a similar devotion to all things
musical. Mia is presented to the reader as a quiet, strong, loving, and
devoted individual. She cares for the people in her lives deeply, and is
passionate about her musical aspirations. What stands out the most
about her character is her unwavering strength in the face of tragedy.

I think Kristen has the right kind of emotional sensibilities to step into Mia‘s shoes and embody her complicated state of being. Kristen, to me, seems
like a complex person who has undoubtedly dealt with pressure and
adversity. It is her relentless strength and stability in who she is
that would make her the perfect Mia. Kristen handles the difficult
aspects of her life with poise and grace, and it is this same kind of
approach to life that Mia has in If I Stay. The way Kristen described
bringing a bit of herself to the role of Bella in Twilight is
the same kind of experience I could imagine taking place with If I
Stay. Kristen could become Mia flawlessly and bring that strong sense of
self, love for others, and quiet understanding to the role.

* * *

This song by Ivana XL kind of reminds me of If I Stay, check it out below:

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