Why the Twilight Sequels weren't as Good . . .

Let me start off with my experience.  When I first watched Twilight, I absolutely fell in Love with it.  Yes I did watch the movies, then read all the books in the following months. I watched Twilight around the end of November.  The movie theatres were still packed for this movie and it was still shown in the largest theatre.  I eventually caught up with all the hype dedicated towards this movie.  I fell in love with Robert, and was on TEAM EDWARD.  Then anticipated the next movies, and was really excited for New Moon.  I can honestly say, no one was big of a Twilight Fan then me.  I was like completely obsessed with these movies and these books.  Had Twilight Posters covering every inch of my wall.  I started learning everything I could about Twilight's Production and who the director was and all of the actors.  Then started hearing news that Catherine Hardwicke wasn't going to direct the next one.  Was slightly disappointed with this decision but then I thought well maybe we should toss around directors.  Was a horrible decision based on Summit.  I guess I put too much thinking involved with the production of New Moon and thought it would be just like Twilight and had all this just great sense to it.  But in reality New Moon made me want to fall asleep. 

In 2OO9 they were going to show a trailer at the MTV Movie Awards.  I was so stoked out, and loved the show.  The preview was amazing and couldn't wait for New Moon.  Then the trailers just kept getting better and better and little previews of scenes and all these interviews.  It was Twilight heaven.

Then came the movie.  I was really in shock when it was released and wasn't thinking clearly while I was watching and didn't notice how let down I was. :/ 


So I settle down from this Twilight Hype, even though the whole world did and just wanted to enjoy the movies and didn't expect much from the third.  They got David Slade and thought well I liked 3O Days Of Night and it should be better than New Moon.  Definately was, but not as great as Twilight.


Now were all waiting for Breaking Dawn.  I am excited more for this one because obvious reasons ;]


Now some reasons maybe why New Moon & Eclipse weren't As GREAT!



1) The Director Of the First Movie Was A Female!


The Twilight Movies were written from a female author and told from a females perspective.  Not saying I have anything against male directors, it's just that sometimes guys just don't get females.  How much emotion we have and how much feeling we put into stuff.  Girls get it, the pain and just everything.  Even though the running and jumping around in trees weren't great special effects, the acting and feeling was amazing.  The script was incredible. 






2) Trying to live up to the hype


Ahh yes, The infamous director Chris Weitz.  When they introduced the new Twilight Director everyone seemed like it was such a great idea.  I had a different thought, "Oh hey that's the guy who directed that one movie with Nicole Kidman... didn't it flop?"  Everyone practically seemed excited with this choice and satisfied.  Um hello, Twilight's director was f****** perfect.  Imagine if they gave her more money and how the final production would have turned out.  Chris's version was so slow and made you want to go to bed.  Summit expected it to be such a fantastic movie and would break records at the boxoffice and what not.  Well so did we.  I don't know if im the only twilight fan that was merely disappointed with the movie.  They put too much emphasis on how big it would turn out and so did I.  Thinking it would be a success and the fans would love it just like Twilight.  Apparently not.



3) Third time's the charm


Director David Slade takes on the challenge!  Much more faster than New Moon, but again what is wrong with Catherine Harkwick... I loved eclispe, but I expected some scenes to be in there... but they just werent, and to be honest I liked the New Moon running.  His running seemed like Twilight again.. :/

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Comment by Ramo Na on April 5, 2011 at 7:48am
totally agree
Comment by Yvonne Villanueva on April 5, 2011 at 10:21am
I loved loved Twilight, it runs up there with withering heights.  Just like Bella to love the story also.


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