Twilight Appeal:
Why do we love twilight? Have any of you really wondered why? Like as in physiological reasoning? Have any of you really wondered why were all so obsessed? I’m not insulting anyone I’m really insulting myself. I think it’s kind of pathetic how obsessed we all are with these books! It's not like there’s a fan site for the Laura Ingalls books or anything!!!(not that i know of at least) Usually people read a book, like it and move on. Of course with twilight that’s not the case at all! We read the book, LOVE IT, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT and never stop LOVING IT!!! So in this blog post I’m going talk about why do we love these (freakin) awesome books so much? Feel free to comment and share your opinions!!!
Is it the Vampires?
Stephenie has put a whole new twist on vampires that no one has ever thought of before. Vampires being kind and good? Really? Of course without the vampires the books would be just romance (which they are, but they’re so much more complex than that). The vampires make the saga interesting and exciting! It has the action and adventure and that’s great. Without the vampires the books would be just romantic goo the entire way through. But People can find vampire books anywhere really, especially now since this whole vampire craze has started (which i honestly think is obnoxious. I’m not a True Blood Fan or Vampire Diaries fan or any of those other things. Twilight is the only one for me!) So I don’t think it is just the vampires alone.
How about the Werewolves?
I really don’t think it’s the whole werewolf thing that draws people in either. People loved Twilight(the book) before the rest of the saga came out, when the werewolves hadn’t even appeared in the picture. But, like the vampires, Stephenie has also put a new twist on the “werewolves”(who in the end we find out are really just shape shifters).
Of course how can we forget the romance! It’s basicly the whole key to the series! But you can find romance anywhere else too cant you? Now in twilight its not just romance, its romanceS. There’s the relationship of Edward and Bella and Bella and Jacob. So I’ll start with Edward and Bella’s relationship.
Of course, you can find romance anywhere. But I think that this romance , Bella and Edward’s romance is the thing that draws people in the most. I think because there aren’t a whole lot of books out there where there’s a story of a man loving a woman so much that he sacrifices everything he has and is for her. Edward sacrifices everything he is for Bella, even his natural being. He has to maintain extreme self control around Bella because he loves her that much, and by his self control he is controlling what he naturally is. And of course him accepting her for her faults and wrongdoings. Most guys end up hating those things and dwelling forever on them and then end up going and cheating on their girlfriend or something like that. And Edward is bassicly perfect! He has a few flaws, but he sounds like one of the most perfect men I have ever heard of. Edward and Bella’s love is a supernatural love. It is so much stronger than a mortal human’s love. It lasts forever just like the vampires. People want to know that their true love won’t ever stop loving them and move on. Edward can’t stop loving Bella. Its scientifically impossible. Like he says in New Moon (or is it eclipse?), his body is forever frozen in place, like rock. So once he fell in love with Bella, it’s like that love was carved into him and he will never ever be able to stop loving her.
I think that people are drawn into Bella and Jacob’s relationship because they can relate to it. Jacob and Bella’s relationship is so casual and comfortable. (I am NOT team Jacob. Jacob is so obnoxious how he’s always trying to make Bella fall in love with him! But I still relate to him and that’s why I’m rather on the fence about it). Also, Edward and Bella’s relationship is so intense and hectic, but like I said Jacob and Bella’s is so much more relaxed and friendly. Bella and Edwards relationship is so intense because the vampires are intense. Not that the werewolves lives aren’t hectic, but the thing is that , in the Twilight world at least, the werewolves are “natural”. Don’t get me wrong though. What I mean though, is that the Quileute boys always would have become werewolves. It’s in their blood. Whether or not Bella moved up to Forks, Jacob still would’ve become a werewolf, and whether or not the Cullens came to Forks he still would’ve become a werewolf . (Now you’re probably thinking “NO! People become werewolves when vampires come around!”) But see, there will always be vampires comin’ through Forks (remember in twilight when Victoria, James and Laurent came through. And Jacob was rightfully the Alpha of the pack, So he always would’ve become a werewolf. ) Now since I’m not team Jacob there’s probably a lot more reasons, so you team Jacob people feel free to comment and share your opinions!!!
The Love Triangle:
Love triangles go back so far in literature history. A lot of romances are good with just 2 people, but most of the time they’re just BORING. I’m not sayin’ every 2 people romance, just alot. Having 2 people (Edward & Bella) being in love and another 3rd person (Jacob) posing a threat to break those 2 people apart casues a lot of drama but it makes it interesting. Also I think a lot of girls LIKE to be adoreded by a lot of people like Bella(Edward, Jacob, Mike, Eric, Tyler etc.).
The Actual Characters:
The entire series are written for the characters, the characters aren’t written for the books. The characters are also what make you love the books so much.
I love Edward the most out of everything in this series! He isso perfect. Like I said before he is bassicly perfect except a few things. Everyone wants an Edward! Though unfortunately he’s too good to be true. 
I personally love Alice because shes such a great friend and shes so quirky.
I love Jasper because he’s so reserved but also so funny at the same time.
I love Rosalie because she is well… let’s skip her 
I love Emmet because he’s so hilarious! He’s also like my big brother I never had (I have only sisters).
I love Carlisle because he’s so kind and compassionate.
I love Esme because of her sweetness and her motherly love.
I love Jacob because of his friendliness and innocence and how cute he is around bella and how happy he is to see her every time she comes around.
And then there’s all the smaller insignificant characters that don’t have a huge part in the books, but you’re still intrigued by them like Bree the Newborn Vampire(Eclipse) and Riley(Eclipse) and all the Vampires that come to the Cullen’s aid in breaking dawn.
Families and Friendships?
Now of course this wouldn’t be the first thing anyone would think of, but it is worth mentioning I guess. Ahh the Cullen family! I love the Cullens! The Cullen family is an example of what every family should be like! The Cullens stick together and support each other. Even though they all have their problems (Rosalie’s nastiness, Jasper’s eating habits…) they all still love each other very much. All of them (except for Rosalie in the very beginning) are very accepting of Bella and are all just glad that Edward is truly happy for once in his existence. They all are even are willing enough to die for another family member’s safety, like in Twilight when they join together to kill James , in eclipse when they all risk their lives battling the newborns and in Breaking Dawn when they get many other people to join with them to protect renesmee.
Then there’s the Werewolves’ family like feel. They too all join together join together to protect Bella in Eclipse, and Renesmee in Breaking Dawn. I love to see the relationships between the wolves and the people they’ve imprinted on! Especially Paul and Claire, it’s so sweet. I dont really find it creepy how the werewolves can imprint on babies I think its cute. I love the one chapter in New Moon when Bella meets Emily and the rest of the wolves. I love how they all seem like just one big happy family. I think everyone wants a family like the Cullen’s and the Quileute’s.
In the End though…
But overall, I think the main reason we twidorks love these books so much is because of all these reasons put together. But I don’t think we’ll ever know completely for sure though. Even Stephenie Meyer herself said she has no idea why people love the saga so much! Personally I will never stop loving the series! and I still pray for Stepehenie to finish midnight sun! I’m obsessed and if I’ve gone insane, maybe insanity isn’t so bad….
xoxoxo <3

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Comment by Paula Dunne on September 25, 2014 at 7:08pm

Finally, someone captures so beautifully the many reasons to love the books!! And to add to what you wrote, I also enjoyed the school characters and thought they were realistic and funny.


I enjoyed "living" in these books and spending time with the characters. I wish more books would do that for me.


Unfortunately, whenever I search under "books like Twilight" all I get is vampire or romance novels-- ugh....  I am not and never have been a vampire fan, and my reasons for loving the Twilight series have absolutely nothing to do with vampires. But Stephanie Meyer made even that great.


And my reasons have nothing to do with romance either. Twilight was about love -- and the true, unconditional kind -- as well as those early crushes that feel like love but are only just that (Jacob, the boys at the school, etc.).


I also liked how Stephanie gave some of the vampires "super powers" – it sparked the imagination and made reading the story fun.


Honestly, I wish Stephanie Meyer would extend the series. I still think about the characters… does the mother ever get to see Bella again? And does she even notice the difference in her? And does she meet her granddaughter? What adventures might Jacob and Renesme have in store?


I wish...  but in the meantime, does anyone have any other book/series recommendations based upon what’s so great about Twilight (as outlined in THIS blog post)? Are there any out there as good as this one???  (thanks in advance!)


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